Tower Challenge, a 16 hour event…


August 14, 2012 by Last Star blog

It's a beautiful thang

It’s a beautiful THANG!

Today(well, 4 days ago now..) We had been awaiting the arrival of our tower arch from Atlantic towers, and it was FINALLY here! A huge box, the double cardboard coffin…EE GAD! Inside the box was 3 pieces of welded aluminum pieces around 8 ft. high and a connector piece.  How in the heck are we supposed to put that in the car let alone on the boat? The tape measure came–the pieces laid out on the ground in true tester facsimile fashion, huhum, that doesn’t seem right.  On the boat–more measuring, back on the ground…re-measure. EE GAD–it doesn’t fit!  It was 10″ too wide.  Calls were made back to Atlantic Tower; Shelley & Steve were very helpful and Atlantic Tower’s customer service is out of this world fantastic. A new connector was ordered and now some ‘minor’ mods to the arch.  With a new pipe-cutter from China in hand Hank began to cut some pipe. The beautiful China cutter was better at threading pipe than cutting it, as it was so poorly aligned it was working it’s way up the pipe, NICE. Hack saw, reliable & functional. 1 hr, 2 blisters, Four 5in sections and a quart of perspiration expended to remove the offending 10 inches. In order to press with installation two 20″ pieces of PVC were used to mimic the radar platform connecting the two halves.  This gave the arch a Gucci swag appeal. Next the 300 lb scaffolding had to be carried through the kalechee desert to placed at the back of the boat to hoist the 100lb arch 12 feet in the air.  The arch had to be held perfectly in place under 1500 psi pressure to precisely measure it’s location on 3 different axises.  After numerous tries this was clearly impossible as the blood, seat and profanity would indicate.  Tempers flared.  a lightening strike into the aluminum tower would have been a welcome end to the misery.  The prolific profanity evidently worked and resulted in an epiphany to the positioning equation, now that the tower properly positioned, secured and ready for replacement parts and final installation.  That was the first 8 hours!  The final installation required

Me in the tiny lockers, some fiber-glassing skills, and the new part.  In the end, it’s up and was a full 16 hours of “controlled tempers.”  But, IT IS A BEAUTIFUL THING!


One thought on “Tower Challenge, a 16 hour event…

  1. Cole says it adds SWAG to the boat, wait until the solar panels are mounted and our dinghy!

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