First Night aboard


August 24, 2012 by Last Star blog

Just follow the red wire…..they said

This bit of kit works in the “triple axis” and can be seen in winter Olympics in the figure skating for 9.0 in difficulty–it is the shizz for TV adjustment in the salon.

With Patricia taking Cole to school I have been going back and forth to the boat trying to get as many issues resolved so we can leave.  I thought I could avoid two trips through the DC traffic by spending the night aboard.  I packed some fixin’s for Taco Salad, some breakfast and loaded up the truck (I did not “move to Beverly, Hills that is, black gold, Texas tea…enough of that).   Worked late and got some details sorted out, ended up having dinner and watching an episode of “Breaking Bad”; the episode of the fly and contamination if you are a fan.  Envisioned my first night aboard with Patricia so this was a bit unorthodox. Slept well, the AC kept me quite cool and the fan provided some “white noise” to ensure a sound snooze.  Tomorrow Patricia comes home from Austin; minus one.  Hard week for her and for Cole, me too.  I’ll pick up the “fresh” cushions for the Salon and will make the center of the boat livable again and I will now have to find a new “work shop” to stage from.  This week I got the dinghy hung on the arch, the HDTV up and mounted on the swiveling mount, the wifi booster mounted and routed, ordered parts to fix the aft toilet and am STILL tracking the foul odor coming from the forward holding tank.  The motor mounts await my attention but before I engage on those I want to sort out the two electrical Perko switches that are confounding my charging and management of the house and starter batteries.  Thanks to my friend “Trash” who came out this morning to help.


4 thoughts on “First Night aboard

  1. june stone says:

    Gods speed on your new adventure. Will be anxiously waiting for more posts.

    • June, thanks for the well wishes. Hopefully soon the posts will reflect adventure and less about work and technical challenges. I think photos of switches and blue masking tape will get old fast. I think the list of things “done” is starting to equal the list of things “to do” so maybe we are nearing the half way point….?

  2. Renee P says:

    Good luck to you both and may the right winds be with you! Looking forward to future posts detailing your whereabouts and adventures! Patricia, great job on the blog design! We love you both and miss you!!!

    P.s. Is there a way to “subscribe” to the blog?

    • Renee,
      thanks for the well wishes. In my browser (Chrome) at the top left of the screen there is a black bar that says “Follow” with a little “plus” sign. Try clicking that. I don’t know what the result will be for you. Heck I don’t know what it does for me either. Also being the “owner” of the blog (OK, Patricia owns it and manages it, I just try and not screw it up) makes our view different from yours I think. Cheers Hank

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