What the hell was I thinking?


September 1, 2012 by Last Star blog

First Night Madness, Her view.

So, of course there was the 5 days of cleaning, painting, spackling holes, and general white glove inspection preparation for our asshole landlord—did I say asshole?  No, he is completely unhinged and a freak. I could say more but not really for public consumption. So, after a week of dropping Cole in Austin with less than upstanding roommates, I came back to prep the house for inspection—all in all a very long hard two weeks. Normally, the trip takes about an hour from Arlington to Deale, MD but yesterday, it was almost 2 hours thanks to DC traffic.  Of course, it gave me some time to decompress from the landlord walk-through (which Hank did, cause I thought I might strangle the little prat) and have a nice long talk with Alek. I had both cats outside their carrier in my little bug, which means they both try and curl up in your lap—but they are so stressed that they pant, sweat and shed like a bad “hairspray” scene. By the time I got there I think there was an extra cat in my car. Anyway, I digress. I got to the boat and could not open a beer fast enough. What a freakin’ long 2 weeks. Ah, life on the boat. Hot, humid, covered in fur but here I am. This is about when it hits me: I have married a crazy man. What the hell was I thinking?         Hank shows up and we unpack and go off to forage for food and alcohol.  Thank goodness, we stumble upon a very over stocked liquor store and end up with a bottle of red wine and some Texas Shiner beer. Yeah, that’s right y’all! It’s a long day and we have a pretty crummy dinner from the freezer move-out. Now, it’s time to shower. Well, the toilets are both broken, the water hasn’t been pumped out yet…so up to the marina showers. I am starting to think: what the hell was I thinking, again! I can do this, right? My AF girlfriends do this every time they deploy—I can do this too, off to the showers. I pack a little bag and find my new shower shoes and off I go. I enter the bathroom to be greeted by very cold A/C–awesome!!!! There is a shower caddy, yippee, no shampoo on the floor. I load the caddy, and start the shower. The caddy falls forward; the water jet hits the bottles and sprays a waterpark geyser ricochet stream right at my chest. Now that I am drenching wet, maybe I should have disrobed first? Ok, no worries–into the shower, out. Pack up soaking wet clothes. There was some panic at having or not having a brush earlier, thank goodness Ihad found one in my car.I have a moment of thought: can I walk back to the boat in just a towel? Have I become that liveabord, already? Ah, look, a hair dryer! There is a God! Wow, this place is not so bad. Cold air only?  Really?  Ok, wet hair. As I am walking back the 145 yards to the boat with a slight drip down my hair onto my back, I am guided by a full moon and the water lapping at the piers. When I get back to the boat, my two sweet cats are waiting on deck and my hubby has a glass of wine for me. Okay, well, maybe he is not so crazy, and what the hell was I thinking? That I kind of love this guy.


2 thoughts on “What the hell was I thinking?

  1. Mike and Beth says:

    Congrats on the new adventure you are about to embark on….. Patricia your a better women than I would be. If i were to allow Michael to live his dream….we would be living in the bowels of the Buffalo Bills stadium for eternity! I will be happy to mail any type of packages to whatever port if you need anything….or even drive down to Austin to check on Cole… I look forward to your postings… Hank…..get those toilets fixed !

  2. Mike Whitty says:

    Pat, it just gets better from here. Love the blogsite. Is your heading font “Gilligan’s Island”, by any chance? Appropriate but hopefully not a foreshadowing… 😉

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