Rainy Morning


September 6, 2012 by Last Star blog

As the day was grey and humid this morning it did not present itself as an ideal day for getting on the water.  We will be taking Patricia’s car to Florida in a few days and I wanted to get Last Star on the water again after sitting in the slip for 2+ weeks.  After breakfast we fired up the engine (still with some difficulty so I may be replacing the starter tomorrow) and decided to go out and run the motor a couple of hours and try and get in some sailing.  No sooner that we cast off that the rain started.   We pressed on and motored out of the inlet and into the Chesapeake.  After clearing the channel markers and crab-pots we pulled out the head-sail; the jib-sheets seem oversized for the wenches and blocks.  I’ll look into that too.  We putzed around for a handful of turns and fiddled with some positions of the blocks and then decided to return to the slip by about lunch time.  Getting the boat back in the slip was the usual adventure, Patricia thought the boat hook would be useful in the water rather than on deck.  I disagreed and thankfully it floats–what a neat design feature.  It was quite graceful and sort of slow motion effect as I watched Patricia kick (yes kick) the boat hook overboard.  It went ALL the way across the aft deck from the port side to depart the boat on the starboard side.  We did get it back so that was no big deal.  The afternoon was more little chores, clearing off counter-space and finding places for things.  I’m still trying to get hold of the machinist who can fabricate some “stringers” for my solar panels.  Told he was out of town this week; maybe I can catch him this weekend.  

Cooper has taken to exploring all over the dock(s) so Patricia got the cats collars with the boat’s name on them.  Very fancy with reflective features for nighttime, engraved names and phone number and a nice break-away feature so your cat doesn’t do something stupid and get hung up by the collar.  One of the things we completed today was getting the netting up all around the boat so the cats don’t fall overboard while underway.  While we were putting the finishing touches on the netting Cooper decided he wanted to go on the dock.  Well with this new netting this was a bit of a challenge so he nosed underneath the netting and then prepared to make the small leap of about 24″ from boat to dock.  As I watched Cooper “cat genius” prepare for this event from under the netting I noticed his collar was hung or snagged on the netting.  Part of me laughed as I thought this hindrance would impact the otherwise graceful leap (as graceful as you can be with a net pinning you to the toe-rail) and part of me thought I should quickly try and get the snagged collar free before he leaps into the drink.  Well Cooper must have sensed me so he “goes” and the netting made it less than graceful but he makes it.  The new expensive collar with all the bling, bells, name, etc worked flawlessly!  Releasing at the prescribed ft/lbs as mandated by the National Science Foundation and the US dept of Veterinary Medicine.  Too bad it doesn’t float like the boat hook.  Cooper now wears Mini’s collar.  After the awkward flight to the dock Cooper elected to explore Larry’s boat nearby.  Cooper went inside the boat and met Max, Larry’s dog.  Max was sleeping…. for a while.  There was quite a ruckus and then a grey ball of fur came flying from below and skittered across the deck and executed another flight through space and landed on the dock again.  I believe the tail that was expanded to epic proportions aided in the landing.  

Our day ended with clear skies, Rum and Tonics in the glasses courtesy of our friends the Stones.  The glasses are perfect because they accommodate 2 massive Ice-cubes, 1 shot of rum and 1/2 of a little bottle of tonic; perfect for two.

Here’s a picture of Patricia enjoying dinner



Those accommodating glasses



Patricia at work yesterday

ImageAnd the cats doing what they do best….





3 thoughts on “Rainy Morning

  1. cmcsister1 says:

    Looks like things are really going well and entertaining to say the least, I can’t wait to hear about everything when you get underway, stop drinking so much! I love the cat photos and so happy to see them relaxing and not stressed.

  2. Bob Cady says:

    Hank and Patricia: all us Pentagon losers are mao maoing the two of you relentlessly, but then again, while you two figure out what size jib sheets you need and end the day with a drink and dinner, I pounded two TEMPs today – so I know you’re jealous…and you’ll just have to stay that way. by the way, do you Facebook – would love to keep track of your adventures that way! V/R Shack

    • Shack,
      you can find me on facebook. Just friend me and I’ll approve ya. I generally also “share” these to facebook so that will keep you updated. Thanks for dropping by. Today was replacing starter, re-bedding two windows and started the motor mounts…..not fun

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