Good day for some, bad day for others


September 7, 2012 by Last Star blog

This morning dawned sunny, dry-ish, and beautiful. 

No trip to DC, no need to do anything but enjoy the day.  I was to tackle the starter given to me by my new friend “Dave” who works as the mechanic here and Patricia was going to tame two leaks coming in from the window at the Nav station, and one in the rear cabin head (head is nautical for bathroom; google or wiki it for its origins, I don’t have the bandwidth for that).  Dave offered the starter when the single starter battery would not get the boat going, he indicated that the starter was probably bad and needed the full 5 batteries to turn over and the amperage draw was too high so he gave me a slightly used starter.  I gave him a bottle of Silver Patron.  It was done by noon with only two trips to the hardware store and no bleeding knuckles–don’t know how I pulled that off.  It did fix the problem it seems.  The motor mounts were next.  Patricia discovered some bad wood rot in the aft bathroom and ended up getting some Bondo to repair the failed areas; the smell of chemicals rivaled her experience in the lazarettes with the fiberglass resins. 

The day was not all work.  Patricia spent some time this morning trying to get a photo of an odd bird that was perched on the lines of the boat next to us; funny shaped thing hard to believe it could fly.Image


  She also took a few nice snaps of the cats before they were off to explore ALL the boats near us. 


Just before lunch when I still had my head in the engine compartment  I heard an exclamation from Patricia; I thought “oh my, what now” and then I laid eyes on a wet “thing”.  Not sure of the events that transpired to create this creature but was sure sorry I missed the event.  Mini is not known for her grace or acrobatic skills.  If she did play team sports she’d be the kid that was last to get picked.  We did try and do some CSI type investigating and all we could find was where she got OUT of the water, there was a clear trail right back from the boat.  She was able to climb up on the stern of another  vessel (what is sometimes called the “sugar scoop” on some boats) and then leapt to the dock and then ran back to us.  She did not shake off like a dog, no instinct for that I guess, maybe she was in shock.  Patricia toweled her off and then Mini spent most of the lunch hour trying to lick herself dry.  She did not come back outside until evening after her little swim.  I’m sure there will be more events like that one, hope she continues her “self-rescue”. 


Man there is just NO dignity in that photo; I’m still laughing.  Look at the feet?  What the hell is going on with the feet?  A cat with wet hair looks like a really ugly dog I guess?  


The day ended with warm winds and low humidity and we actually ate in the cockpit at the little table outside–first time.  No bugs, no sweating just a nice view and our wind chimes jingling.  Patricia put here wine glass to the side and the wind caught it and spilled the contents; amazingly it bounced right back to Patricia so she could re-fill it, clearly she was meant to have that glass of wine. 


3 thoughts on “Good day for some, bad day for others

  1. karinswede says:

    It was only a matter of time :O(

  2. Hehehe! I feel your pain Mini! I had a similar experience: Since the I’ve been on swims that evfurryone has seen and *exclusive* you can see more wet and wild antics in my book when it comes out! Just make sure your humans give you a fresh water shower before you clean yourself! =^.^=

    • Bailey, you are correct the fresh water is very needed or I will spend the rest of the evening drinking from my water bowl. Each time I fell in we were at a marina so I could climb the pilings. You must have been terrified looking up at the boat. Good thing your calling got the humans moving. Be careful–Mini

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