Beauty on Board?


September 9, 2012 by Last Star blog

Beauty on Board

Before we started this venture, we spent a few weeks working on the boat at a very nice upscale marina in Annapolis.  We would eat our lunch in the air conditioned club house, it had a nice sofa and a big screen TV we would watch the Olympics on.  During these times I would see many women live-aboards come and go into the showers.  I came to the conclusion they all are applying for the homeless bag lady role in some CSI casting call.  They all seem to cut off all their hair, lose their bras, and throw the make-up overboard.  I kept saying, “Do they have to look like that?  Isn’t there a beauty routine you can follow on a boat?  I won’t do that! And really, no bra? Tennis balls in tube socks should really have holders, no REALLY!” Well, like people without kids who say, “Can’t they control that child?  I would never let MY child behave that way.”  Then of course, when they have kids and the kids are tired, hungry and it is the 30th errand they have endured they lose their minds and flop on the floor and cry.  And the mother is exhausted and buys that damn toy!  So, here I am a week (almost) living on the boat and I have dried my hair ONCE and worn make-up once.  LOL.  It’s just that I am usually so tired by the end of the day I have no patience or energy to stand there with a hair dryer and coif my doo when by the time I get back to the boat in this humidity I will be Rosanna Rosanna-Danna all over again.  F that!  Then there is the make-up, where is it hiding, did I hide the mascara in some cubby?  Oh, look there is that bag of clothespin I was looking for…what mascara!?  However, I still dress well.  LOL.  And I do have a holder for my tennis balls.  We had our first overnight guest (Thanks Maggie for coming out!) We went out last night for dinner and drinks, I wore a skirt and I have one pair of heels—it was the one time I dried my hair and wore make-up!   I am still holding on to the thought that I will keep some semblance of a beauty routine.  I may only have 4 pairs of shoes and 7 outfits for the year…but damnit I am no bag lady..yet!  Wish me luck that I remember it. 


3 thoughts on “Beauty on Board?

  1. Maura kane says:

    Patricia, you would look beautiful any way you look. We love, love this blog. You guys are our heros for doing this. Maybe next year we can get together. Look foward to your next post and stay safe. Mini and copper must be having a blast.

  2. Karin guthals says:

    My dear friend you look fabulous ! Wishing you well on this adventure and hoping we can catch up before too long. Love your blog and seeing how the new chapter is unfolding:)

  3. I can relate to your attitude on makeup and hair… the bra??? They will be gone like yesterday. I will keep one.
    Your husband sent me the link to this blog because he posted on my post in Livaboards on FaceBook.
    We also have a blog.
    I will continue to read your blog!
    Janet Lee Enders

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