Blink-Click, sleep? Think again.


September 18, 2012 by Last Star blog

After a week at Hank’s Mom’s house, I  finally slept both late (past 6 am) and through the night.  Of course, tomorrow we head back.

Let me explain about sleeping on a boat, first the cats are with us and they prowl at night.  Which is fine in a 2500 sq. foot home but in a 43 foot sailboat, well, things are a bit cozy in bed.  Cooper leaves the boat and roams around throughout the day, so he sleeps a fair bit with us at night.  Except when he is drooling/purring and “making biscuits” in my hair, usually around 4 am.  Mini, after her swim, is less active during the day.  She saves that energy for her security prowl throughout the night.  She goes from window to window to make sure the demonic water stays outside and we are still at the dock. This, of course, includes a walk across us from the port side windows to the starboard, several times a night, because you never know when that water might change its mind.  Beside the cats there is the singing of the halyards, now you get used to a certain song, so when it changes tune– you are awake.  So, between the cats and the halyards, I wake up about 3x a night. And we, parents, all know when you wake up in the middle of the night you start to worry about ridiculous scenarios that scare you to fits of dire anxiety. Hank read somewhere if you wake up in the middle of the night, you should read to quiet the mind from the worry.  So, even if I sleep through the song of the boat, biscuits in my hair, and the back massage from Mini’s walk about, there is the blink-click. Hank’s little light blinks on and the Kindle clicking begins.  Click, Click…yes, we are all awake now. So, when we got to my mother-in-law’s house the first night, I took a sleep-aid and stumbled across some ear plugs–NIRVANA! Course, someone in my room in the other twin bed did not have the same luxurious sleeping opportunity. Now, remember it was a 16 hour drive down here and other than Mini’s attempted suicide, the cats slept the whole way. The first night they decided to not only not sleep but explore every little thing in her house.  Apparently, the cacophony was more than my roommate could stand and there was a little show at max volume around 3 am.  I like to call it: helicopter sleep-deprived-cat-hater attempts to skin cats, blows gasket, cats live to torture another day.  Thank goodness for the sleep aid and the earplugs, LOL. The next morning I had to hand over the ear plugs and the cats were quarantined in the laundry room. So with no cats, no boat song, and the blink-click was across the room in the other twin bed there was finally a full night of sleep for me! 


3 thoughts on “Blink-Click, sleep? Think again.

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Making biscuits? Do i really want to ask? If it includes cat vomit, please disregard this query.

    • Anne-Marie,
      making biscuits is that weird “kneading” thing that neurotic cats do before they can settle down. Cooper is the master of it. It is particularly nice when his claws are long, he adds drooling to it, and can’t make up his mind on settling down for 20 minutes.

  2. Beth says:

    What happen to the LUL of the water and the gentle rocking that is supposed to ease you into sleep? Hey whatever the method you choose to get a fresh start….go with it !!

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