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September 21, 2012 by Last Star blog

After a week away to take Patricia’s car to “long term” storage we are one step closer to pushing off.  We broke up the drive back from Florida with a stop at my sister’s house.  Crazy how 12 hours seems “OK” compared to driving 16 hours straight there.  Neither is reasonable unless you are a long haul trucker.  The stop to see Caroline and Armin was very beneficial.  Armin will be doing a long trek through Spain next year and it was very interesting to see his preparations and approach to his exciting trip.  

We arrived at the boat in mid-afternoon and the cats were VERY happy to regain the boat and be out of the truck.  They don’t seem to cotton too much to the truck; not clear how it is different to them from their perspective, just another place to sleep but the driving just seems to upset them and make them antsy.  The weather was gorgeous upon our arrival and it was nice to be on the boat with the hatches open, no noise from the AC, no sweating, just enjoying the September sun.  We unpacked (still lots of crap it seems), went to the grocery store (with a list, so much better) and then stopped at Capt Kidds for some beer.  It must be time to leave soon as the owner’s at Kidds asked “where’ve you been?”  Man those folks are nosy! We came back to the boat for a relaxing evening, snacks, a beverage in the cockpit, and then some much needed rest.  Image

Here’s a picture of my latest favorite from Kidds; a Magic Hat brew called Circus Boy.  I figure this whole trip is becoming a clown act so the beer is appropriate.  Also you’ll note the way cool bottle opener from our friend Maura.  Only the most essential things from the house made it to the boat and when it was time for an  opener I chose this one as I really like it, it works great and came ALL the way from Thailand courtesy of our friend and I figured after all those miles a few more at sea was just the ticket.  Thanks to Maura and Pat.  

Today the motor mounts finally got replaced and the engine aligned.  The marina Mechanic Dave assisted and was very patient and informative.  This work was to be completed last week but the Marina Director kept pushing Dave to other tasks so in the end the delay worked out as I participated, learned a lot and actually know how long the job took.  Tomorrow Patricia goes back up the mast (stay tuned for more “Circus Boy”) and hopefully the 600 feet of sisal rope arrives so we can turn the mast in the salon into a GIANT 6’4″ scratching post.  Yes 600 feet!! The circumference of the mast is approx 28 inches so each wrap will take a bit over two feet.  There’s about 3 inches between the back of the mast and the bulkhead so the rope will have to be unwound and then all 600′ passed around the mast each time, should be fun.  The cats used me as a scratching post today while I was sifting through their poop and pee in the litter box so the sisal is very much needed, either for the mast or to tie around the cats’ necks.  Pictures of the final product pending….one way or another 

We were actually chilled in bed this morning, the weather will warm up in the next few days but lows in the 50s by mid-week.  We really need to get going by the end of the month.  Hopefully soon this blog will be about travel and new places and less about what we fixed or worked on….please stay tuned


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