Very close now. This weekend weather permitting


September 26, 2012 by Last Star blog

As usual we’ve been very busy getting the last details done to depart.  The other day I had Patricia up the mast again to replace the light bulb that illuminates the deck at night from the spreader.  The task was a bit more difficult as when removing the bulb she took down the entire fixture.  She had to re-wire the fixture and use an electrical wire stripping and crimping tool; she now understands the differences in 16, 14, and 12 AWG wire.  I asked if she wanted to go to the top and get the details on the anchor light so we could get a spare in case it ever went out…..she said no for now, odd. Image

It felt like she had put on some extra weight since last time up, we’ll have to discuss proper weight management for the crew here aboard the Last Star and the responsibilities of a “bosun”.



Yesterday we finally finished getting the solar panels mounted.  Dave the Ace mechanic and technician here at the marina was key in getting this job done.  The photo below is me drilling the necessary hole’s to get the 4 AWG wires up the arch to the panels and then into the boat and to the charge monitor and attached to the batteries. Image Patricia and I spent the first part of the day getting the wires routed and Dave came in late in the day to help with the final connections.  Special tools are needed to work with this heavy type of copper wire; it’s as heavy as battery cable but needed to get ALL the energy from the panels to the batteries,  We should be energy independent now on a sunny day(s).  



Today was a trip to get the stickers from Maryland to register the boat through 2013, we are still waiting for the USCG documentation as they have a long backlog.  A late stop was to get some staples for the boat that we could store long term and provide meals when we can’t get fresh veggies or meat.  This was not our usual haul from the grocery store for us.  We found ourselves in parts of the store we have never bought food from.  One unexpected find was Organic Milk needing no refrigeration until opened!  Huge for us, we have one in the fridge to see what it tastes like when cold.  I’ve had milk like this in Europe and the Middle East many times but it was never very good though, hope for better taste this time. 



We hope to leave this weekend and will head south down the Chesapeake hoping to log about 40-50 miles per day.  We’ll have south breezes in our faces before the cool fronts pass through and then hopefully north winds to push us south quickly and quietly.  

If you are still checking our blogs then thanks and please feel free to leave comments or ask any questions you may have or things that may interest you.  We’ll get some answers to you.


13 thoughts on “Very close now. This weekend weather permitting

  1. Captain Crazy: weight management? Really? Maybe you should work out and lube the wench….

  2. Grunt says:

    After saying the bosun put on some weight, I understand why you had to buy so much peanut butter!
    Have a safe trip. Can’t wait to read of your next adventure.

  3. Maura kane says:

    Ok, the milk is good. I have had it. Not sure you have enough mustard. Had a crazy dream about you youngsters the other night. It involved mini and cooper too. Guess that must mean I have been thinking of you guys a lot. Any hoo, safe safe travels!

  4. cmcsister1 says:

    Looks like lots of cans of beans and we know what that means…poor Patricia, Mini and Cooper.

  5. BK says:

    the boys used to drink that milk all the time .. we used it for school lunches. you should be good to go.

    • Agreed, we tried one last night; quite nice in fact. We’re keeping it in reserve for when we cannot get fresh milk or as the “best by” date gets closer (Feb 2013!! now). The 1% tasted as good as the 2% so a very pleasant surprise.

  6. Mark Koestner says:

    Are those your 2 emergency anchors lurking on the floor next to the bench on the right side of the photo??

    • Hah! Good idea. Those are for working out if I EVER finish all the work needed to get going. Truth be told you are not far from the truth regarding a technique to know if your anchor is dragging at night. People will throw a brick out the port-hole in the galley (kitchen) with a string attached, tie the string to a fork or other utensil and then put in the sink, pile cans, pans, anything noisy on top and if your boat drifts on the anchor then the brick stays put, pulls the fork and the noise wakes you up. This is an analog alarm in today’s digital world of GPS anchor alarms. Truth be told neither will help you with a shifting tide or current.
      You have a keen eye to spot those weights when all that attractive canned meat and other processed foods would beckon one who is easily tempted!! Cheers Hank

  7. Anna and John says:

    Hey you two! You’re lookin’ good. The trip to FL went well? Sorry about the breakdown in comm via text. That’s a bit of a nuisance. I guess contact via your blog, email, Facebook will be the preferred modes soon anyway. We’ll look for your official “hoist anchor” post and we wish you both Bon Voyage, safety , and happiness together.

    • Hap, Anna, thanks for all your support last month as we left Arlington, incredible. We are off, yesterday was the first day. Today a bit blustery and cloudy. The wind may help with the sails today, yesterday was headwinds or NO wind. Cheers Hank

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