Cat-n-around, when everyone knows your name


September 29, 2012 by Last Star blog


So…as we stay here longer and longer at the risk of becoming a real local (you know you are in trouble when the bartender knows your name and recognizes your dinghy on approach) Cooper is becoming more and more a dock cat, everyone knows his name. He began with just leaving the boat and turning right, which is about 20 yards of dock then it dead ends; our friend Larry lives on that end.  Larry lives with a cat and a dog, Max. One day, Cooper decided Larry’s boat looked very interesting…so of course, he went on it…it took about 5 minutes before we heard the tell tale sound of nails on fiberglass as Max came running out of the boat followed closely by Cooper who made a 10 foot leap past Max onto the dock.  It was an Olympic jump, to be sure, and I was so happy to have been witness to it!  Cooper then decided maybe that end of the dock was really best left to Max and he proceeded to explore EVERY boat on our end of the docks, he jumps on one, explores it thoroughly then jumps off and goes to the next one. So…the other day as I am up the mast changing the light bulb I look across the way and see Cooper inside a neighbor’s boat pawing at the bedroom/stateroom window-from the inside!  The owners were gone and had left the front four windows —tiny windows—open.  It took me over an hour to get him out.  I tried ropes, snacks, towels, even a yoga mat, but in the end I had to lay down on the deck, lean into the window, coax him to stand on his hind legs and then wrench him out by the shoulder.  I was sick with fear I had hurt him, but he just shook it off and went onto the next boat.  The boat in the next slip is condemned and awaiting demolition…so of course he managed to find a way INTO that boat as well. Image

Any boat will do, mon… YOLO

Then there was the evening when a guy a few slips over was putting fuel into his boat and Cooper boarded his boat, walked up behind him and peered over his shoulder…and the guy never saw Cooper.  Hank and I almost peed with laughter!!  But really, boarding other people’s boats is bad form.


Did they go for dinner or just for a walk? I should scat-daddle.

One of his favorite boats is a big motor boat 2 slips over that is pretty much buttoned up, but he goes on, walks up the ladder to the covered top area, sneaks under the canvas and hangs out a while.  Later he sneaks out the front section, slides down the windows onto the deck and when I saw him, narrowly missed going overboard and leaps onto the finger pier.  This is how I suspect Cooper went swimming!  A few days ago, he came home wet…not as wet as Mini but he had gone for a swim, fersure!  It didn’t faze him nor deter him. ImageSeriously, no photos! Are you the devil?

Yesterday, he was up at the showers hanging out and he enjoys walking the docks with me so much that when we got to the parking lot, he went with me to Captain Kid’s (an awesome Liquor store to give Westover a run for their money!) With Cooper becoming a real dock cat he finally talked Mini into leaving the boat and walking the docks with him.  They were adorable, walking shoulder to shoulder along the dock; it wasn’t long before Cooper went past Mini’s comfort zone, maybe the site of her little swim? As Cooper abandoned his little sister for excitement and fun she slinked back to the boat about the same time one our neighbors were returning from a weekend away, with their dog.  Now, Cooper has nine lives and the luck of the Irish…where as poor Mini, well, she finally gets the courage to leave the boat and yes, you guessed it…this dog bolts from his boat and goes after Mini like a greyhound after that bunny!  Running faster than the speed of light she does a beautiful cirque de soleil front summersault onto the Last Star, fur flying and nails trying desperately to stop her full speed about the time Hank latches onto the dog’s collar. Now, not only will she not leave the boat she won’t come out on deck without slinking on her belly!  ARGH, poor little thing. And Cooper, he is happy cruising the yard chasing ducks and squirrels and exploring everyone else’s boats. He has made friends with every liveaboard, every worker, and every passerby.  He helps Bob build stairs and keeps an eye on Dave in the shop. Image Everyone loves him and everyone knows his name!  Little does he know, we leave these docks in a few days and he will be boat bound for awhile, Mini will be thrilled!


2 thoughts on “Cat-n-around, when everyone knows your name

  1. Beth says:

    Are you going to install netting around the railings so that when you are under sail the cats wont slip off the boat?

    • Beth,
      We already have netting, goes up about 12 inches to the first “life-line”. Goes all the way around the boat. It’s designed to give them something to grab if they start to do something stupid. There are a few spaces where it would be impossible to have the netting. Check out some other pictures and you will see the netting, it’s been up for a few weeks now.

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