Farewell Shipwright Harbor; it begins.


October 1, 2012 by Last Star blog

This morning we launched on our odyssey.   Quite uneventful and that’s the way we like it.  Our neighbor Larry was there to assist with the lines and give us a gentle shove away from the pilings when needed.  We put the cats in the V-Berth as we didn’t want them making a jail-break at the last moment.We left under cloudy skies and cool temperatures; the cool is a clear indicator that it is time to go.

Yesterday was last minute “to-dos” and many things that well we’ll do later….. We did some last minute grocery shopping, we went to Annapolis’ Whole Foods to get some nice snacks for evening happy hour, nice cheeses, salami, some gourmet sauces to flavor our aboard meals etc.  Then we took Larry to the local grocery store as he was out of food for Max (his dog).  As the day wore on we continued to cut our teneous link to the shore by removing power cords, extra spring lines etc.  We did take a nice lunch of leftovers in the cockpit under brilliant skies and weather.  This was what we had spent the last 60 days working towards.

That evening we celebrated our friend Dave’s birthday at Skippers.  Very nice fried oysters and I had a huge shrimp and scallop scampi with a nice wine sauce and lots of bread to dip into it.  We skipped dessert in favor of a few “shots” at the request of Dave and SINCE it was his birthday…  Dave wanted tequila shots!!  Oh lordy it’s gonna be one of those nights.  Patricia asked for a SoCo with Lime; I think she developed a propensity for this beverage while hanging in Biker Bars.  Evidently Skippers doesn’t have shot glasses.  They use a tumbler!  Maybe the staff knows Dave and wanted to help him celebrate?  No kidding there must have been 3-4 ozs in those glasses.  Nice work from Kimmie our waitress bringing those shots.

We took a couple of pictures with Kimmie and Molly as we were late to leave (standard) and turns out Molly has cousins in Ocracoke NC, where we will make landfall after we go out in the Atlantic leaving Virginia Beach next week.  Molly said to look up her relatives in NC when we get there; we’ll try and do that.

We had a nice time at dinner, the tequila shots were a bit much as we had to get up early to push off this morning.  But hey, it’s a birthday, you have to celebrate.  Happy birthday again to our friend Dave, hope he had a good time like we did.

Thanks to all in Deale who were so helpful and kind to us; terrific little town and Shipwright is a great place to stop.  We’ll stick our noses in there again next summer when we are heading north again.  A final thanks to the secret Santa who gifted us the two metal wine goblets on our power-line last night.  Nice gift; unbreakable and rubber coated on the bottom for ship use.  Thanks!

For those reading please provide your comments or questions; we know you are out there.  To Kimmie and Molly we promised we’d get you on here so let us know you dropped in and saw your pics.


12 thoughts on “Farewell Shipwright Harbor; it begins.

  1. Tricia says:

    Bon voyage! Be safe and keep this blog updated as best you can- I’ll be reading! And Patricia- soco? Really?

  2. Terry says:

    Safe Journey! Love the blog, feels like we are there with you, with out having to be – you know I am too prissy for boat life. Bridge won’t be the same without you Patricia! Practice online so when you make it to a fun destination…Charleston…Miami…Any Caribean Island…we will make a bridge trip to meet you. Keep us posted on any such destination plans as soon as you can so that we can get kids carted off and plane tickets purchased! Love that the Cannellini Bean (Hank, Canelloni is a pasta:o) and pesto with Tuna dish made the boat menu! I am still enjoying the basil off of the basil trees you gifted me and think of you when ever I water, walk by, smell and cook with the basil! Bon Voyage and much love, Terry

    • Terry so what is that pastry with the cream filling called? So there’s a Cannellini, Canelloni, and a Cannoli? Can you fill a Cannoli with Cannellini beans?
      I’ll deliver Patricia to a nice location for bridge. I’ll make drinks as dehydration is an awful condition and I don’t want anyone to suffer on the LastStar (ok maybe Patricia suffered a bit so far but things are better now).

  3. Maggie says:

    Enjoy the first leg of the trip. I hope you get to warm waters soon – post pics of sun tans and little fruity drinks with umbrellas! Maybe this is the time of your life that you’ll become fishermen??? : ) Can’t wait to follow the trials on the blog! Hugs!

  4. Roger & Deanne says:

    Safe sailing! May God bless you on your voyage!

  5. BK says:

    Well played .. you did it!

  6. Mark Koestner says:

    Heres to a safe trip to you and the cats!!

    Cant wait to follow adventures here.

  7. Trash, Diana & Jack says:

    Congrats & Bon voyage! We’re looking forward to following your adventure on this blog.

  8. Kimmie says:

    Love Love LOVE that you guys remembered your favorite Skipper’s waitresses (see told you I’d check!!) So glad you guys are staying safe, and LOVE all of these beautiful pictures (making us on land jealous, of course!) I wish you guys all the best in your travels and please keep updating!! Thanks again for the mention! Good Luck!

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