Knot a good day…..


October 3, 2012 by Last Star blog

Knot a good day 2

If you know a bit about sailing and reading instruments the photo below will tell you we did not have a wonderful day 2.  Our goal at this point is to put miles under the keel while heading south.  To do that we need winds that are ideally NOT out of the south.

Our goal is to get to North Carolina by mid-October and see the Chesapeake next summer when we are Northbound.  So in spite of the less than sterling conditions we pressed onward–the cats were less than pleased.  You see when you have 13 knots off the nose and are busting into the bay chop you get some of this.

And when you are getting a bit of waves off the bow then your speed tends to go down and the time spent in this washing machine tends to go up.  The cats were still unhappy. In addition we kept getting little rain squalls so the windows kept going up and down.  These aren’t power windows like a car, they need a bit more care and feeding than pushing a button.  Thankfully I have a fine deck hand that assists when asked.

I don’t know if this would be a “bad hair day” as I don’t ever have those.  At this point the sun was out so I’m calling the whole thing an improvement.  And a little persistence and coaxing generally leads to success!

Lunch consisted of whatever we could grab below as it was a bit too choppy to prepare something nice.  We had cheese crackers, some lunch meat and an apple with some babybel cheese (the latter two a favorite of Lauren’s back at my old office).  In spite of the light fare it was all we needed to get us through the afternoon.  After my lunch I asked Patricia to clean up a bit and then take the helm as I needed to do some navigating to find us a safe harbor.

This sort of planning on the fly is very complex and requires keen concentration as you can see.  I spent a good half-hour deeply engrossed on this task only to find that the first mate had abandoned her watch at the helm?

Some story about needing to check on the cats…..this will be addressed at the next “Captain’s mast*”–which it seems may become a regular occurrence in the near future.

All my hard work paid off as in the mid-afternoon we arrived at a small town in Northern Virginia for the evening.  We did a pass up the creek and tried to pick a nice spot.  The town was quite nice and there were some awesome homes on the water.

But there were also some interesting boats too….

This one seems to have two UFOs attached to it.  Truth be told there is a fleet of about 12 of these that service a fish processing plant here; there are also float planes that assist the boats in finding the fish.  The smell from the plant was awful, can’t even begin to describe how bad.  Some mix of fish and hot wet cat-food odor.  It could gag a more sensitive person I suspect.  We found a nice place upwind of the processing plant and had a nice quiet evening after our relatively rough day on the water.  The cats were thrilled when we shut down the motor and immediately came out to play on deck.  Tomorrow we try to get to Mobjack Bay further south, we’ll see what the weather holds.

*To my Navy friends, all these nautical terms I use…well I really don’t know exactly what they mean so you can correct me or just live with it.  I’m on holiday, I really don’t care about getting it 100% correct.  Like I tell people if you really want to know, “Google-ize it”.


4 thoughts on “Knot a good day…..

  1. Pulse says:

    Congratulations on getting underway guys! I’ve got a friend with a place on Wilson Creek, off Mobjack Bay – she would love to see you. She has a nice dock and pier, and makes a mean gin and tonic. Let me know if you want to hook up. Have fun, Pulse

    • Pulse
      generally 24hrs behind on the posts. We are literally warming the engine in the “East River” of Mobjack to pull out now to go further south. Stay tuned as we continue this mad odyssey. Cheers Hank

  2. Lauren says:

    Ohmygoodness, I got way too excited about the shout-out, and I’m glad you enjoying my favorite afternoon snack. Keep up the blogs, I check every morning for your posts to get me though the day with all these knuckleheads in your absence;)

    • Hey Miss Lauren,
      Of course you got the shout out, your choice of apple with small tasty cheese is noteworthy. Anything that doesn’t come out of a vending machine is the way to go. Glad you are enjoying my ridiculous posts. Gives us something to do and keeps us from vegetating too much. Hope all is well in DOT&E and everyone is settling in after all the change this summer. Keep Critter safe and monitor his schedule so he has some free time.

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