Easy Day 3


October 5, 2012 by Last Star blog

Easy day…

Our third day was a bit grey to start but we pressed ahead as the winds were not as strong and we knew we’d make better time with the motor hammering away.  As we left Cockrell Creek under the aerial assault of the sea planes we pressed out into the bay to find it almost like glass.  Just the slightest swell so we were making an easy +6 knots.  The cats came topside (ok we had to get Mini up top but when she realized it was further away from the motor she was thrilled) and settled into their little nooks for naps.  Patricia and I made small talk and idled away the miles while southbound.  As the morning warmed up we got a little breeze of about 6 knots and decided to sail even though it would take us off course.  We felt we needed to get more familiar with all the workings of the boat and ensure that they work now and when we will need them.  The sail was uneventful, full main, full head-sail and no engine!!  We did this for about an hour as the GPS said we’d be at our next destination with time to spare.   At one point we felt like we were being watched…you know that odd feeling of the hairs on the back of your neck standing up?

But after a while that odd feeling went away and was replaced by lunch feelings.  Real sandwiches today and a feast in the cockpit with the sun shining.  The beauty of a boat over a Winnebago in a situation like this is you don’t always have to have someone at the wheel.  Quick check of the horizon and you are clear for 15 minutes.  You CAN’T run off the road.

After lunch we saw something odd on the horizon and the trusty binoculars indicated that this was worth seeing up close so we checked 30 left and I set up my best CATA using the mark-one eyeball and we were in pursuit.  15 minutes later we were seeing this.

We pulled up alongside, got some video, took some snaps and traded waves; sailors ALWAYS wave at one another.  Maybe motor boats do it too?  We suspect the tall-ship was going to Annapolis for the boat show this week and the next.  I think they raise money there to support the vessel.  Clearly they could have used some more wind in their sails.  I think they are actually pushing the sails at times!

We settled into some chores for the next bit.  Patricia was crafting a continuous line to rig to our spreader to raise the necessary flags we’ll need when we go to the Caribbean and any other flags we want to raise for fun.  I was busily working on smoothing the lip of my Italian coffee maker as it had tiny dents in the lip and was not holding pressure to pass the coffee–pretty exciting stuff huh.  As I gazed over at Patricia I wondered how after 3 days we were working these tiny mundane tasks like we had been at sea for 4 months?  Maybe that’s how sailors passed the time years ago.

As we were working diligently at these crucial tasks Mini perked up and was gazing at the horizon of haze and gray glass.

No wait!  That’s not Mini looking at flies; she sees something.

Yep dolphins on day 3!! Not bad and still about 80 miles from the opening to the sea.  As we were motoring again I took up an intercept course and pursued the dolphins as Patricia took the camera up front.  I was working in only two dimensions and was trapped at the floor (or is it ceiling in this case) and they had the use of more speed and the vertical.  We came close many times but they were not interested in joining up so after ten minutes we broke off and continued south.

When we got to the East River in Mobjack Bay we motored well up it and settled into “Put-in Creek” and had the place to ourselves.  As usual lovely homes, still waters, some ducks, and a very bright moon.  We had a terrific dinner grilled on the BBQ and an amazing WiFi connection so I was able to post the short video.

Overall a great day, easy conditions, cool tall-ship, dolphins, great food (everything tastes better on the boat) and a quiet anchorage.

For those reading this, in general we post one day behind of when the events happen.  Upon arrival as we’ve been going all day there are some things to attend to.  Like getting the boat set up for the evening and eating and bathing.  Therefore that takes some time and then getting connectivity and shooting out e-mails and blogging takes more time.  The solution seems to be that we write while underway, get everything prepared and set up (reduce photos, chop video) and then just publish.  Oh “just publish” can take ages with poor WiFi.  In fact in some places it will never happen.  Also the computers are the energy hounds of the boat.  The chargers pull about 250 Watts each!  The HDTV pulls only 120 Watts.  So that is another reason to do our computer “work” when the engine is running or the solar panels are cooking off.  That way we are fully charged and can get on and post and then get off without needing to recharge the computers.

Ok, enough technical babble.  IF you have any questions or comments please let us know.  If you are interested in how we do something or how we live just ask and we’ll give you some details.  Thanks for tuning in.


We’ll be off a few days as we’ve got to move the truck down the East Coast as we “hop-scotch” south with the vehicle.


8 thoughts on “Easy Day 3

  1. Pulse says:

    What are the hop scotch mechanics Hank? Why not leave it in MD?

    • Pulse,
      thought was keep it in Florida (Patricia’s is at my Mom’s in SW Florida) as we’ll need cars when we end this madness and start looking for jobs in Tampa. I’ve made arrangements with Patrick for long term storage. We logged 700+ miles roundtrip moving it to MCAS Cherry Point

  2. Beth says:

    Do you have life jackets for those cats while you are out in the open water????

    • Beth, we put up the nettting and hope the cats have a self-preservation gene in there somewhere cuz truth be told turning a sailboat around in open water to find something the size of your fist (the cat’s head that is actually visible while swimming) is highly unlikely. Night time….forget about it

  3. BK says:

    I feel like I’m UPS but I’m with Pulse .. the logistics of the “hop scotch” sound far from insignificant. So you get the Hulk at Cherry Pt and .. then what … park the boat, drive to something like Charleston, leave the Explorer and then … take a train or a bus or a rent-a-car back to NKT?!

    When you motor in to a place like “Put-in-creek”, so they have mooring buoys or are you anchored up!? And how are you getting wifi!? Some 3G smartphone data link?!

    Great to hear that you got that sails out!

    • BK,
      the moving of the vehicle is proving to be quite painful. The idea was to have it on occasion to use as needed. Today would be one of those days. We’re still stuck in the bad weather in Virginia Beach so I decided to drain the water from the fuel filter. The nylon “vent” bolt snapped off and now we are DEAD in the water until I can find a replacement. A car would be useful right now.

      When we are in little inlets and such we are on the anchor and chain. In general moorings will cost 25-35$ a night and some “delicate” coral areas will prohibit anchoring as you damage the bottom obviously. The Wifi comes through a booster from IslandTime PC. Nifty little device but for some reason it is NOT picking up here at the USN base we are broken/staying at.
      Sorry to be short, gotta get this thing fixed.

  4. Maggie says:

    Love following your days – even if it’s a day behind…or five…: ) Enjoy!

  5. Bwana! says:

    Where are you guys? Are you stopping anyuwhere near Langley? Can i come out and meet you?

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