Feline Fun


October 9, 2012 by Last Star blog

Feline Fun…

For reasons unknown to me there seems to be a huge interest in cats on the internet(s)*.  I can’t explain it, maybe the internet is propelled by the constant search for the most amazing photo of a cat doing one more thing to get to the end of their purported nine lives.  As I sit here typing and going through some photos I hearken back to the days of bliss before we arrived to our current port-of-call.  We dropped south down the Chesapeake with days filled with wonder (ok and a quite a bit of boredom in some cases) but we were rewarded every evening with a nice anchorage to relax, take a deserved happy hour and snacks (an “aperitif” for my European followers–oh yeah baby we’re going global).  Here are a couple of pictures of the cats waking up the new day in the East River in Mobjack Bay.


Mini is checking out the morning from her favorite perch on the foredeck, the water is so smooth and quiet with just the tiniest ripples.  We were surrounded by still woods and even stiller waters.  That morning I was afraid the anchor chain had wrapped around the keel as we slowly drifted in circles throughout the night over the anchor.


Cooper has watch over the rear of the ship (boat, ship, can’t keep that straight but I’m sure the Navy has some definition that escapes me). 

After the rough morning of thwarting any pirates and chasing any bugs that ventured near the two cats snuggled up in their favorite spot, the storage cubby in the cockpit.  This photo was shot from inside the cubby opening so hard to grasp the space or size; a banana for scale would be appropriate here. 


Patricia tried to get them while they were snuggled up asleep but somehow they woke up.  Their eyes frighten me, I sense that a vengeance will be reaped by them at 0400 as usual.  This was the sort of bliss we experienced before we stumbled into Satan’s seaside shanty near Norfolk. Things have been quite different since then.


* I like to use the internet in plurality in recognition of GW; many joke about him but in the end he seemed to have a grasp of things in his country/folksy manner.  This blog is not political but I like to give credit where credit is due and he coined the phrase internets.  IF I have to spell that tuber that nearly starved Ireland I’ll be sure to put in an “e” as well. 


2 thoughts on “Feline Fun

  1. Anna n Hap says:

    Ah…..life on the water. I think you should write from the perspective of Minnie or Cooper, or both, sometime. Glad to know you guys are well. Can you post a map showing your progress? Or is that more information than you want to share?

    • Anna,
      Patricia had the same thoughts on a post from the cat’s perspective. I’m working on putting the “tracks” from our Garmin on-line. I don’t know how easy that would be for others to click on and see without needing to download anything. I’ll keep working on it.

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