Grabbing an alligator by the tail


October 13, 2012 by Last Star blog

Grabbing an Alligator by the tail

We left Coinjock with the intentions of meeting my brother-in-law in Bellehaven the next day.  Well as usual we weren’t making the progress we hoped and were running a  bit late.  It was clear once we passed the swing-bridge in the Alligator River that we would NOT make our next step by nightfall, not even close.  Trying to find an anchorage in the dark in an unfamiliar cove is just not a good idea.  Therefore we elected to stop just short of the canal that leaves the “tail” of the Alligator river and try and pick up the missed distance the next day.  We’d tell my brother-in-law to meet us at 1200 rather than 1000.

The location was amazing.  The stars that night were truly amazing, living on the east coast with the population density and the light pollution you can forget there are stars and the milky way is just a candy bar.  Well in the middle of North Carolina (no cell coverage and no light) the sky was awesome. 

We were treated to an awesome sunset before the spectacular star show.  The sunrise was equally amazing; more so by the fog that was shrouding the entire area.  We needed to leave early to make our 1200 rendezvous so we pressed.  I don’t have much more to add but let you see the amazing photos.  The fog was a constant changing tableau, the water was like a mirror in many cases.  Some of these photos are “upside” down, yes I inverted some of them so see if you can decide which ones are inverted.  One amazing photo down the canal shows how the sun reflected thermal energy off the trees to the NW side and that bit of heat dissipated the fog and made it clear on that side for miles yet the left half was totally obscured.  We were treated to eagles fishing, herons, and other wildlife.  A very memorable trip down the canal.






One thought on “Grabbing an alligator by the tail

  1. Kristin Wehle says:

    Those pictures are just beautiful, Hank! I can’t tell which ones are upside down, but I think they are all excellent examples of possible spatial disorientation!

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