Cutting the cord…


October 22, 2012 by Last Star blog

I’m sitting in Orlando airport (MCO, already 15 minute late take-off) after driving from NC to Florida yesterday.  I left my truck in storage and will see it on occasion when our travels bring us close to it as we move up and down the coast.  Having the truck was a mixed blessing.  It helped us get groceries, spare parts, visit friends etc but in some ways it was a curse.  When we’ve been ashore we’ve spent hours behind the wheel.  Too much driving.  It was another 700 miles yesterday to bring it to south Florida.  When we moved it from Maryland to North Carolina, Patricia and I used two cars and 12 hours to move it–another tough day.  Now we will be tethered to the LastStar and that will be our home and permanent (but mobile) base for the next 17 months.  

In moving the vehicle I got to experience the benefits of fast food on I-95 and the airport.  Don’t know how they can serve this junk successfully, I guess it is the constant stream of new customers at locations like this as they do NOT require repeat customers.  Can’t imagine they would have many.  Being in the Airport reminds me of the hours spent in these torture chambers when I traveled for a living.  I don’t miss this part at all.  

When I get back to Raleigh this evening Patricia and I will return the rental car and board LastStar and truly begin the adventure.  Next week holds a short trip to the coast and our first sail/leg into the Atlantic ocean if the weather cooperates.  In fact we may make the ocean leg a night sail to ensure that we make landfall in daytime conditions.  

Stay tuned for an interesting post on hot water heater repair that promises some sex, blood and violence–who knew that hot water heaters were so exciting and racy!  I’ll post that as soon as the photos are cleared by “the editors” and the legal office.

And by all means leave a comment, too many lurkers out there.  


2 thoughts on “Cutting the cord…

  1. Peter Bos says:

    well- you are finally on your way– we will stay tuned and cant wait to see the photos- all is fine in Destin – weather is beautiful and water full of fish. Have a wonderful trip and may it be as enjoyable as you both have pictured it over these past few years
    peter and Terri

  2. Chris says:

    I never miss a post – it is the only way I make it through the day. I wish y’all steady winds, smooth seas and an internet connection to keep the posts coming.

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