How great would life be if we lived a little each day


October 26, 2012 by Last Star blog

When we sail, the sun sparkles off the water, the wind whispers across the skin and there is a quiet peace which makes you look inside yourself. At the end of the day when we throw the anchor and the sun turns the sky coral and turquoise, I am reminded of the logic behind this journey:  to live each day. Image

I am a girl, as everyone knows:  girls need girlfriends.  So, sometimes as the end of the day I miss my daily conversations with my friends.  However, a wonderful benefit of this adventure is the chance to see old friends again.  I regret not writing this one sooner, but it seems every time one of us has some free time or looks like she might some free time, someone else tasks us…hmn.   Anyway, for me the hardest part of moving is leaving good friends behind. Every PCS has brought some absolutely amazing women into my life and each tour has enriched my life in a way I cannot even begin to tell you.  In this last tour I was in school for four years and I made great friends in school, younger by far and more talented fersure, but I learned something from each of them.  From Jeff I miss being called homegirl and found I liked Honey Whiskey, from Alfredo an amazing work ethic and open heart that made every day I saw him a happy day.  Of course, there is Marvin, Mr. Marvilicious, and Ainsley who from the first moment I met her I wanted to have her talent.  Rebecca whose talent and eye for reduction made me so self conscious of my own crazy style and the fabulous, Laura, who could make anyone laugh and her remarkable unflappable approach to everything-how could I not miss that?  There are so many more, Travis who sat next to me for so many classes and has to be one of the most talented illustrators I know and of course Josue and David…well enuf said about class mates.  I was thrilled to graduate but when school started again in August I was sad to not be among them, learning from them and enjoying their friendship.  I was very sad to not learning from Lisa, whom is an amazing teacher and friend. They embraced this old lady with no-bias whatsoever and they will never know how much that meant to me. Thank you for your patience (Jeff) and your friendship, one and all.  The best thing about going back to school: you think again and every day matters.

Leaving Arlington meant leaving a new found love of bridge and my bridge partners, Terry, Holly and Errin—amazing women: Warm, open, smart, beautiful, funny, wonderfully great friends. We ran away for a weekend together, belly danced together, salsa ‘d together and drank a bit.  You guys have no idea what lifesavers you were during the most stressful of course work and other issues. There are friends that you have forever, like Anna and Hap, that when you end up ‘retiring’ together, it feels like family.  Of course, my friend Maggie moves back just as I leave, but I know with Maggie:  she will come visit! (cause she already did!)

ImageThe hardest part of leaving is leaving behind a ‘best’ friend.  The one you can drop in on in your sweats and cry, the one you call when something wonderful happens, the one you can rely on to have your back, pick up your kids, and sometimes, just sit and watch the world go by on a beautiful porch. When you are alike enough that people insist you must be sisters: Lynn, I will miss you most.

However, an upside of leaving friends along the way is that you can come back and see them again.  The most amazing thing I have found about returning to old friends is that time seems to stand still.  Recently, we were in Virginia Beach and seeing my lifelong BFF, whom I see as much as I possibly can.  It’s been more than a decade and I swear she is younger in spirit and prettier than when we first met, the only thing that changes is that our children grow up.  Our kids actually went to prom together…gorgeous couple!Image

Last week we visited friends from so long ago, I am not sure I remember when we first met. (Another Patricia and her son is Alec)  She and her husband haven’t aged a day, they still look like cover models, only their son has gotten taller!  And even though we haven’t seen each other in a few years, when we sit and talk, it’s as if it was yesterday we had coffee together.Image

Time stands still for true friendships.  Which brings me back to the picture of the painting I took at Patricia’s last week:  “How great would life be if we lived a little each day?”   I look forward to friends visiting us along the way and visiting friends along our travels…whether we come to you or you come to us, I know it will be a great reunion and we will live that day like time stood still.


2 thoughts on “How great would life be if we lived a little each day

  1. Maggie says:

    You are a gem – I miss u too!!!! B safe and I can’t wait to see you again sooner rather than later!

  2. Terry says:

    We miss you too P! There is much less cat conversation over cards these days! Stay safe as the storm passes and enjoy the adventure, all of it! Although I am concerned everytime I read about the thimble sized, for acrobats only, tasks your captain assigns you (how does mutiney work with a crew of this size?)! I can not wait until we see you next, until we bridge (and all that is associated with bridge) again….T

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