The difference a day can make….


October 26, 2012 by Last Star blog

As we sat north of Beaufort NC waiting to see what Sandy would do.  Well she elected to make for a long stay in NC for us.  Early forecasts on Wednesday indicated winds of 25 kts for “Coastal” NC; different than the off-shore forecast with winds greater than 50 knots.

Well the Pamlico forecast got worse and worse so we elected to forego hiding in Adams Creek and retrograded to our old haunt of Hancock Creek.  


Here’s the view last night while I was grilling Bubba Burgers.  I never get tired of seeing this.




Tonight will be different.  We’re back at the T-head, multiple spring-lines and fenders deployed.  I tried to get into a slip but the cross wind limits were in excess for a safe landing.  We elected to take the T-head with the potential for waves lapping the side of the hull at night that can be a bit annoying.  I suspect the 40 knot winds howling in the rigging will overpower the sound of the waves in this small inlet.  

Here’s LastStar stripped down to her skivvies.  The idea here is to reduce her wind cross-section and save wear and tear on the canvas and isenglass.  Everything is below that could go below or blow away.  The v-berth really does look like an attic right now.Image 

We really want to get out of NC and continue south, wouldn’t be prudent to press it in this case.  We’ll have some catching up to do next week.  We could be here 3-4 days as we wait to see what the big norther will do.  We did get a chance to get the sails out today as we did a downwind run back to Hancock.  The winds were just approaching 10-12kts with maybe gusts to 15 and the boat got to 8.2 kts which is not a lot for some vehicles but good legs for this girl.  



2 thoughts on “The difference a day can make….

  1. Anna and John says:

    Hey! I’m here with Chantel and Barb from book club and we are hopin you guys are taking cover! Stay safe all 4 of you.

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