Post Sandy Update…


October 29, 2012 by Last Star blog

Thanks to all our friends and followers who called, posted comments, texted and overall checked in on us during the last few days.  Everything and everyone is OK!

Yesterday about 5:00 pm the winds clocked just a few degrees to North/Northwest and that made all the difference.  With the east element removed from the wind we were now being put off the pilings rather than pushed on them.  At the same time with the winds getting a western element that pushes the water of the Pamlico to the east and away from the Neuse; within half an hour you could see that the waters were receding–winner!  We could sleep soundly tonight.  Now the wind blew actually a bit harder last night but with ear-plugs I didn’t have to listen to it.  One of the benefits of the strong winds was that we watched “The Avengers” last night in 4-D.  The boat was rocking and buffeting with the wind and the movie is one long epic battle so the effect was pretty cool–even better than a 7.1 surround system.  I think they have a ride like that at Universal in Orlando.

Today was a ton of chores to get back to normal.  The boat was a damp mess this morning.  Patricia and I were able to cannibalize a solenoid from one Air Conditioner and fix the heater in the bedroom; the bit of heat and drying air was huge.  Then we got the cockpit cleaned up and returned the Bimini and all the enclosure covers back on.  This was an opportunity to do some maintenance with the Bimini off so I polished the boom as i could reach it.  Patricia took the time to do her roots so you can see things were getting back to normal.  The cats spent the day goofing off around the dock though I think they were a bit harassed by the gusty winds.

We are still watching the weather and hope to get back underway and head south later in the week.  Winds are STILL forecast at +25 kts offshore and waves greater than 6 feet through Wednesday.


One thought on “Post Sandy Update…

  1. Scott "Dobs"Stevenson says:

    Glad to hear you weathered the storm with no incident! You are doing something Angela and I discussed doing before we had Trevor 10 years behind Bethany:) Sorta threw a wrench in things for us, but we do love the water! If you find yourself in Niceville/Destin area, let us know….we have a dock, guest quarters, and can come get you (Rocky Bayou bridge will block your entrance) in our Glacier Bay.

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