Silicone Denial

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October 30, 2012 by Last Star blog

The greatest invention…

Well, the last few nights have been loud and a wee-bit unnerving.  The first night of the hurricane the winds were gusting to 48 mph and pushing us up against the dock as the water rose, yeah, I know you have heard it all before: however, hearing it from inside the boat is another story entirely.  Literally the boat creaks, the lines scream, the water slaps against the hull all with such fierce determination that you are just not sure if it won’t all fall apart. And of course, there is sound of Kaptain Krazy snoring adding to the racket.  The second night was a bit better, the winds had clocked and the water began to go the other way: the boat is finally sliding down the pilings and the noise is now about the rubber fenders rubbing, the spring lines snapping as we slide down, and still the water slapping at the hull.  Last night the wind was from the west and gusting to 37.  Ah, you say, what a relief—well, not exactly.  Now the wind is howling and pulling us away from the dock, we are literally healing over like a whale pulling away from Capt. Ahab in a death defying attempt to be free, all while the wind is howling through the halyards and the waves are now crashing against the pilings and the hull.  It is just too much to take to try and sleep through any of this.  You lay there and think, holy shit, this adventure is too adventurous!  You have little demonic thoughts, like what if all 5 of those lines snap and we break free? Totally illogical given the size of the lines, trust me, but still at 3 am anything seems possible.  So the greatest invention of all mankind: the ear plug.  Ah, sweet sleep bliss. According to wiki, “The first recorded mention of the use of wax earplugs is in the Odyssey, wherein Odysseus’s  crew used wax earplugs to avoid being distracted by the Sirens’ songs.” I just don’t want to be distracted by death rattling my cage. We have a zip-lock full of various sizes and shapes, my favorites are the bright orange cone little guys.  They are better than Valium for taking the edge out of the night frights.  The screaming, howling, and screeching all become a gentle lull of noise.  They don’t do much for the healing or the sudden blow overs from a big gust, but once the ear plugs are in you can tell yourself anything.  You know that saying: ignorance is bliss?  Well, with ear plugs they are little bits of silicone denial bliss.  At 3 am, honey, I am all about denial!


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