Weather Watch… 2 November

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November 5, 2012 by Last Star blog

Weather Watch….

Well after a very windy night we awoke in the same place thank goodness.  The wind had died down a bit by morning but the forecast called for westerly wind (dang) and our heading would be 260-ish all day, not a good combination.  We elected to sit tight.  This is sort of like when you go on a beach holiday but it is raining… need to find things to do.  I repaired the flourescent light in the kitchen that had crapped out its ballast.  Patricia got our her watercolors and did some painting in the cockpit.

Now the enclosed cockpit has a neat little feature in sunny weather–it doubles as a solarium.  When zipped up tight–and some of those canvases are damn tight; snapping them can be a real PITA, and the sun hits it you could bake bread in there.  The temperature was about 50 degrees when we woke up and probably didn’t get to 60 all day.  Note the temperature on the lower right corner of the clock in the photo.

This is the approximate temperature that Patricia begins to thaw out and feeling returns to her fingers.  I believe she is part lizard.

The cats did what they do best…

After lunch we thought we would row ashore and visit the beach on both sides.  Well while we were eating the 20 knot winds forecast finally manifested themselves.  Combining the wind, the cool temperatures and the current I convinced the admiral that a row ashore might turn into “a row out to sea” while trying to regain the boat.  We elected to stay in the solarium thankfully.    Later that afternoon a couple of shrimpers came into the inlet, demonstrated some amazing boat handling as they joined up and handed off packages to one another–maybe food, drink, drugs, laundry who knows?

Then they anchored as well to wait out the blow.  We went to bed early after a dinner of steak, Brussels sprouts, and a German cole slaw.  We were leaving the next morning at 5:30 AM under forecast NW winds.  We HAD to go.


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