Caution: Railroad crossing


November 10, 2012 by Last Star blog


Well… this one will be short.  We went to happy hour last night at Pearlz,(see Hank’s post for pictures) which was very fun and the oysters were amazing!  I haven’t had such fantastic oysters since Texas, and I said so, and guess what, these were from Kemah, TX!!  Everything is better from Texas even in Charleston!  I love Charleston, and I am looking forward a longer time here next year. The wine was great, the food fab, and the company very entertaining.  On the way home we needed a few groceries from the big beautiful brand new Harris Teeter that is a few blocks from the marina.  Well, shopping after a few too many beverages is entertaining on its own but on the way from the Harris Teeter to the boat you have to cross some railroad tracks and take a cut through to get back to the street we need, and yes you guessed it:  I fell.  I didn’t just trip, I fell!  Toe caught the railroad track (just call me grace) and I went face planting into the grease, coal, and rocks.  I was carrying two bags of groceries and luckily they caught my hands but my face, chest, and knee took the brunt of the fall.  Apples and pears went skittering down the tracks and my lovely white MH Fleece jacket is covered in black greasy track soot. It must have been quite the sight! This morning, Polli from the boat next door said; “Oh, yeah, we saw you and wondered what that couple was doing with all their groceries on the tracks!  Maybe it was art?” No, just a spastic idiot doing her best flying human tricks. By the time we gathered our groceries and walked all the way home I was covered in blood.  Hank cleaned me up, put tender kisses on my boo-boos and wiped my tears. He was even sweet when I turned to him and through tears said: I want to go home.  He also rinsed all the fruit! This morning I had to re-attack the laundry!  Castrol Super-clean, you are my hero. The purple miracle cleaner cleaned ALL the blood and ALL the grease out of my jeans and out of my white fleece.  If only they made something for scabs.  I have a nasty abrasion on my knee, about 15 long scratches across my chest (no photos), abrasions on my wrists, and as you can see in the photo a small cut above my lip (that bled so much for such a tiny scab!) and of course, the battered wife look on the chin.  The weird part is my jaw is killing me, like a realllllly bad case of TMJ.  I don’t want to talk, it’s very hard to open my mouth to eat, and I have a new respect for boxers!!  So, now that I have done laundry and have my sense of humor back it is time to shove off from lovely Charleston! 


2 thoughts on “Caution: Railroad crossing

  1. Grunt says:

    You must have still been using your “sea legs”.

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