Putt putting down the ICW–nearly landlocked

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November 11, 2012 by Last Star blog

10 November

We spent two days in Charleston looking at the city and architecture as well as eating and enjoying some southern hospitality.

The Charleston Maritime Center was very accommodating and had a very helpful staff.  The day we were leaving folks were preparing for a wedding that afternoon; the weather was awesome.  We saw some cool things both in town and on the water.  We watched the massive Carnival cruise ship push away and maneuver right in front of our marina after dark.  It was cool to see it slide along the water with all the lights illuminated, you could see the restaurants, bars, discos inside the ship with all the colorful lights.  The last night I was awoken with an odd noise coming from the boat, it was the sound of the props of a tug moving a HUGE container ship very near to us.  It was just outside the marina pilings and this grey behemoth must have been 10 stories tall, a giant wall of grey sliding past.

We finally got our act together to push off around 1020 on Saturday.  We had to make the Wappo Creek bridge opening on the hour and would have little time to spare.  We just made it and bid farewell to Charleston and many hours on the ICW ahead of us.  The forecast did not indicate any wind offshore to drive us so the ICW seemed the obvious choice.  We’ll try and get outside again in a few days near Beaufort SC if able.

The scenery was beautiful and varied.  There were multiple homes to admire, saw another huge property getting ready for another wedding.  We saw dolphins of course.  They seemed to be at major crossings of the rivers and inlets during tidal surges; must be feeding.  I saw a shipyard deep into the ICW where they were working on two Army ships (the Army has ships?)

and a couple other large vessels–large for this location anyway so far from the ocean.

We reached our destination about 3:10 PM but with some extra time we putt-putted ahead to another inlet that was recommended as a good anchorage by ActiveCaptain.com so we thought we’d give it a try.  Turned out to be quite nice.  We saw another amazing sunset,

the milky way before bedtime and had a few other folks drop in before dark.  Only down side was some clown was running his generator.  We also saw this Carnival river cruise ship; still a large vessel for the ICW–nice piloting to keep it from running aground in the shoals.

Today will be more of the same, we’ll knock back some miles and then see if we can get to the ocean again.  Twice we’ve been told that the ICW in Georgia is even more curvy and winding then here in South Carolina.


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