South Carolina and Georgia Low Country….


November 14, 2012 by Last Star blog

12 November

Day 2 of 3…..ok so we are beating up the ICW b/c getting to the ocean is such a challenge here on the Georgia coast.  We tried to get into the ocean but it can take two hours to just get clear of the shallow water.  So putting 4 hours of motoring at the beginning and end of each ocean leg just makes no sense.  Also today the wind was forecast so light offshore that we could not even make the speeds needed to get from one inlet to another, not to mention that the distances between navigable inlets can be well beyond a day-light sail. 

So with those thoughts put aside the ICW is the natural choice–at least it is flat so we can move around the boat comfortably to make meals, do chores, and carry on all day as if we were just in a small apartment.  For example today I adjusted the lens on one of our fluorescent lamps.  Measured the dimensions on our front holding tank, and generally took care of a couple of honey-dos.  I left Patricia at the wheel while I was below.  As we approached Savannah we saw another huge container ship working its way up the channel and fighting the current.  The current can add or subtract up to 2 knots to our speed.  We motor at 2400 rpm, hit about 7.0 knots in smooth conditions but with the current that can swing from 5-9 knots depending on which way we are going into a particular leg of the channel.  Seems the weather and the pending new moon are wreaking havoc on the tides.  They are calling for coastal flooding.

We also ran across a sailing race, quite a few little lasers in the race, we tried not to get in the way.Image

We reached our anchorage with little fanfare today.  We got here early, by 3:30 PM today, much better than yesterday. Here’s the view from the front of the boat out of the anchorage back into the ICW–truth be told this is the view for about 360 degrees. Image

 As we were getting the anchor set we looked up to see the Carnival cruise ship coming at us AGAIN.  It was working its way north on the ICW now, no longer south.  We saw it in Beaufort yesterday.  We also saw someone run hard-a-ground this afternoon.  We were near a “cut” and there were 2-3 boats anchored off to the side of the ICW and evidently they were watching  the boat that was stuck.  We felt that watching wouldn’t get anyone through so we pressed a head and inched our way next to them and slipped by with about 6-9 inches below the keel–yeehah we move on. 

Someone asked us if we ate?  Uh yeah we have to eat like everyone else.  Here’s the standard lunch.  We don’t live off of peanut-butter and SPAM. Image

Our arrival was well received by the no-seeums here so we buttoned up the enclosure and had happy hour inside.  We had a lime that was nearing the end of its “shelf life” so we sent it to the after life as a margarita.

This trip is full of surprises, for example it seems every night we get a clear picture from NBC, yesterday we watched FOX and NBC; I’m not sure how they can sell cable, maybe it is the “bundle” they sell.  We’ve learned about something called “Gullah” cooking.  Gullah is something that you generally wouldn’t want to eat but somehow they sell it here as if it is the bees-knees.  I think Gullah is about as good as NC BBQ–my opinion. 



4 thoughts on “South Carolina and Georgia Low Country….

  1. Chris says:

    Love the photos – beats the office view you left behind, that I am now enjoying.

  2. BK says:

    Is Stubbs complaining about the sweet job you hooked him up with!? All I remember him saying was “If Maria doesn’t end up in DC after school, I’m a dead man ..”

    So .. wind, waves, happy hour, railroad tracks, shallows .. who knew they’re were so many hazards to sailing. If figure that if both of you felt compelled to comment on the rough day at sea it must have really sucky. “I want to go home” Aren’t you guys already home!?

    Keep up the narrative .. it reminds those in windowless offices just how lucky they are.

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