Thankful for Titusville

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November 24, 2012 by Last Star blog

Thankful in Titusville

We are on our 4th day in Titusville and we have much to be thankful for.  It is Saturday and we are thankful that the wind finally subsided and the sun came out.  We are very thankful that our son Alek drove over from Orlando to spend the long weekend with us.  He’s his usual easygoing self and he also has a set of wheels!

As usual the Goodyear Blimp is still shadowing us….not clear why

We went to Cracker Barrel on I-95 (is there EVER a Cracker Barrel that is NOT on an interstate?) and had a reasonable Thanksgiving dinner.  They offered a plate with turkey, ham, dressing, sweet potato, and a side with a dessert–scratches the itch for me.  The wait was a bit long (vast understatement) and the number in the party generally seemed to be “3”.  We figured this was an older couple and a friend given the demographics here.  What would an older couple do with a 12 pound bird.  Cracker Barrel is the way to go when you’ve had enough of the work involved with Turkey dinner.  We got dressed up for “boat people”.  Patricia wore girl’s shoes and I put on my best Dale Earnhart glasses to try and fit in.  My Harley Davidson T-shirt was dirty.

We spent two days in a slip and used the shore power to run the heater and dry out the boat a bit.  We did laundry (arguably the greatest challenge for a live aboard).  We even had a chance to clean the “mung rags” that our the nasty towels we use to wipe up every nasty mess on board.  We took long hot showers, we lived like kings.  We washed the boat topsides as it needed it desperately as bringing in the anchor always brings in mud and dirt.  The shop vac needed a workout as the cat-hair was all over the place as usual.

Alek is getting a feel for what we do every day (read he is probably bored) but now understands our lifestyle a bit better.   Now in some cases he’s still in the dark.  For example his mother asked that he send a few photos he took with his phone.  He sends me a 17Mb bundle (huge file to suck through the wifi booster; there’s generally about 12 people all trying to pull bandwith at the same time) and THEN he tells me there are some more cat photos in the mix.  Did  I mention he brought his cat too?  Oh yeah, three cats on board, the litter box is a freaking carousel of crap and they all hiss at one another.  Just like any other family at Thanksgiving.

Sunday Alek will return home to Orlando and we will continue south.  Not sure how far we will press yet but our next “appointment” is to be positioned in the Bahamas to receive both the boys there at an airport yet to be determined.  Suppose everyone has had enough of the ICW and the accompanying stories that go with the long “ditch”.  I know we’ve had enough but a bit of sunshine and warm weather (which we had today) makes a huge difference

Here is Mini hissing at Pandora in the solariumAnd this is Pandora’s favorite spot inside the spare parts locker near the nav station?  She has to climb through a hole in the back.  She found cubbies in the boat we didn’t even know existed.



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