Really close now..few more days….


December 4, 2012 by Last Star blog

Almost there….

So we are well into central Florida and as the weekend was drawing near we stopped near Stuart Florida, we actually stayed in Port Salerno.


We spent 3 days there as we could see that the weather would not permit a crossing of the Gulf Stream and did not want to get piled up in Lake Worth with all the others waiting to cross.  In addition, Alek was coming to visit on Sunday and staying a bit north would cut off 30 minutes from his drive.

We arrived in Port Salerno after escaping from Vero Beach.


As soon as we arrived we hot-footed it over to the post office to get the old Garmin off to be repaired so they could get it back to Alek and we would have a spare.  Seemed like an easy decision, suspect we’ll never need it.  After we dropped off the Garmin we went back to the dinghy dock area to check things out.  There was a resort there called Pirate Cove Resort and Marina and they were having a deep sea fishing tournament over the weekend.  We settled in for a few drinks and an appetizer before we went back to our boat and just watched the fishermen come back and check in.  It was very rough out that day and they didn’t catch too many fish.

After our happy hour we motored back to Last Star and settled in for the evening, quiet little place nestled just off the channel and surrounded by beautiful water-front properties.  Many of the houses were decorated for Christmas so it looked quite nice.  We slept soundly until about 6:00 AM, you see when there is a fishing tournament they are “on the clock”, you can’t leave early and you have to be back in time…whatever time that is.  So about 6 O’clock the boats started going by, HUGE sport fisherman boats.  And these boats were coming from multiple marinas but ALL of them had to go by and check in at Pirate Cove so some of them passed us by twice. It’s a “no wake” zone but boats that size will still cause a bit of a stir even at 5-6 knots.  Well all that was over by 6:45 as they are all eager to get out ASAP.  There was one special boat that we say on both days (yes this was repeated on Sunday too) that rocks some awesome Rap music at full volume with a kickin’ subwoofer bumping the tunes.  We saw and heard him 4 times and each time he had some Eminem or the like going full tilt.  My brother-in-law would have loved being on that ride.  In the evenings the boats would return, get to the front of the marina, “touch base” by showing the stern and their names and then leave for the next day.

Saturday we were running some errands (well walking some errands as we had no wheels) and picked up some items at a marine consignment shop.  While there we asked if they had a hardware store nearby as we needed an extension cord to get our rope lights working in the cockpit.  The lady said no hardware but there was a wal-mart nearby.  How close? “Well you go up Commerce St… about a mile”  Oh we said…so off we go.  Well it was more like 2.5 miles, Commerce street is through an industrial complex, we saw squat on the walk, we finished near wal-mart going by a homeless camp and hanging with the vagrants.  They were slightly better dressed than we were.  After trolling wal-mart for about 45 minutes (on a Saturday during Christmas shopping time) we decided to head back but wanted better scenery, we hoped to walk north a bit then cross over and grab A-1 (Dixie highway) and back to the Marina.  Well that did NOT work out and after wasting another mile we had to go back the way we came.   We finally collapsed in one of the  harbor side restaurants about 1:45 for a BIG glass of water and some lunch.  Oh and wal-mart did NOT have everything we needed.  Nice trip.

Saturday night we were watching a movie when we heard some commotion outside of the boat, hootin’ and hollering and the like.  So we pop our heads outside and there is a parade of boats all decorated for Christmas.  It must have lasted for over 30 minutes and some of the boats were amazing.  That spot we had in the morning getting thrashed by the fishermen did put us right up close to the boats.  Pretty cool.

Alek came to visit with us on Sunday and deliver some internet shopping we had sent to him.  It was fun to see him again so soon after Thanksgiving.  The only downside of the day was it seemed that each time we got in the dinghy with him we would inevitably get a downpour that would get us pretty wet on the ride.  Awful timing.  We went out and had some nice Mexican food for dinner and then he had to get back to Orlando.  He was kind enough to let us sit in his car and wait for the break in the rain after dinner so we got back to the boat dry.

This morning we got up and did a few chores and then set out for Lake Worth, our last stop here in the US.  Tomorrow the cats see the Vet for last checks and when we get a weather window we will sprint to “West End, Grand Bahama”.

Here are some photos of the water and area near Jupiter and just before West Palm Beach, nice water and it will only get better.


Here’s a photo of “Ulita”, this boat single handedly created chaos on the ICW.


You see the last bit before Lake Worth has about 4 bridges in a row that need to be opened for us to pass.  Now “Ulita” was skippered by an older couple with some funny accents and this woman would get on the radio and ask for a bridge opening.  Now the bridge person has an interesting accent too, mostly southern and some awful diction on the mike made for an impossible situation during each transmission.  You have to pass your name to the bridge tender (they must have a log or something) and when you have a deep accent, a funky name like Ulita and then need to spell it then it all comes unraveled.  This woman’s voice would quiver and was all weak and un-readable.  Then all 4 bridges are on the same frequency and everyone is stepping on all the transmissions then you add old Inga trying to spell U-L-I-T-A for the 20th time you are ready to gouge your eyes out.

Patricia says the posts need more photos of the cats.  IF you want more photos of the cats, let me know as we now have about a tera-byte worth of photos of them.  I’ll send them to you.  Here is a photo of Cooper resting, he’s all dried out now.


We defrosted the freezer today and I guess Cooper got inside and then when we turned it back on he must have gotten frozen into a block of water that was still at the bottom?  Who knew.  Well we popped him out of there, I used the gaff like a big ice hook and then we heaved the cube into the sun and voila in less than an hour we had NesCaté–freeze dried cat! Well I guess more accurately it was freeze thawed cat.  He seems fine.






2 thoughts on “Really close now..few more days….

  1. Grunt says:

    More cat photos? Nah. I’m simply waiting for the pix of the cats being thrown overboard to chum for sharks…now THAT’s worth posting 😉

    • cats went swimming once in Maryland and have been very careful since. Don’t see them going in the water anytime soon. Also spent too much money at the vet’s today to throw them away this soon. The flea and deworming meds he sprinkled on their coats doubled their value

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