Through Bahamian Immigration…

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December 7, 2012 by Last Star blog

We made it through Bahamian immigration today… it must be happening.

Yesterday was chores most of the day, we shed the rental car at about 5:00 PM and then hauled the dinghy up and the motor back on the transom.  We must be leaving.  Had a simple dinner and then an episode of Game of Thrones and then bed (note not sleep….).  The rain came about midnight, the tide swung us contrary to the wind and the boat near us was on a mooring, not an anchor, different geometry.  Watched him through the rain.  Finally got to sleep after midnight.  We were up at 0500–that’s early for retirees…. course when you get older I think that is the standard time to get up.

We had a quick breakfast of “cold rations” as Alek calls them and then fired up the motor.  Up came the anchor and we were off by 0530.  We motored out the Lake Worth inlet when the tide was running out at its greatest volume.  It made for some awful waves as the westbound waves from the atlantic hit the outgoing current.  It was very dark and we couldn’t see a thing, navigating by braille and Garmin.  You could see the white spray from the bow crashing back into the waves though…ugh.  This was short lived fortunately otherwise we would have punted and tried another day.  We pressed out and waited for sunrise.  It was a long day and long 60 nautical miles.  The wind was off the nose and no chance to sail, the seas were a bit mushy after days and days of NE winds and then a change to SE and drop in velocity.  Nonetheless it was relatively calm, and the sun was coming out.  At one point when the waves were working against us it slowed us to about 4 knots and we were looking at an arrival after dark and a 12 hour day but the current slackened in the stream, the waves subsided and we arrived at about 3:30.  The approach into the basin was easy, it was really cool to see the waters change from deep blue to light blue as the depth went from 2500 feet to 25 feet.  We cleared customs with flying colors, lots of forms but all straight forward, the cat paperwork was a breeze and we shed the yellow quarantine flag by 4 o’clock.  We got 90 day stamps for the Bahamas and a fishing permit to boot.  I guess I’m cleared on Conch and Crayfish if I can catch them.

After check in we went to the bar, chatted with Erica and then a walk around the grounds to check out the stars.  This is a resort but it is nearly deserted.  Sort of bizarre and sad too.  We’ll stage here a day or two and then south to get Cole from Freeport next week.

We’ll take some pictures tomorrow, today was just too tiring.  LONG day.


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