Mini, the magical swimming cat…


December 9, 2012 by Last Star blog

So…finally, we are in the Bahamas, the water is crystal turquoise blue, the skies royal blue and it is 75 degrees at breakfast!  We have breakfast upstairs and the cats are wondering the docks, making friends and chasing lizards.  We are all thrilled.

Let’s back up, for a moment and discuss our neighbors.  Young German Thomas, his hot New York Girlfriend, and adorable little dog: Sophie.  We met them when we landed and cleared customs.  Now, I am secure in who I am, no really, stop laughing ,Brenda… but this chica is walking around in white linen pants and a little top—seriously? A live-a-board in linen?  How does she wash that?  How is it not wadded, wrinkled and mildewed, oh, I am in awe, and that ass??? Really?  Oh, she just landed from New York for 4 days, THANK GOD!  Phew!!  As I have my crazy frizzy out-of-control-brazilian-blow-out hair in a braid, work-out clothes on, and a shine that you can see from space after our 10 hour cruise over!  She is forgiven, oh, no sorry, I am forgiven.  They have a very cute 25 pound little hunting dog, Sophie.  Well, to top off the whole event, we are docked next door.  As Hank is standing on the dock making small talk with Thomas, I am watching her go below, strip naked, and change!  Yes, all through the port holes.  Oh, SHE IS SO NOT A LIVE-A BOARD!  Hank has his sunglasses on so I am guessing his lack of attention on the conversation is because he is filling his eyeballs up with the hottie-show.  Who are these people?  Well, as we walk away I query my loving husband, “did you enjoy the show?”  “What show?” LOL.  He never noticed!  He was so upset I thought he might cry!  Poor thing, he should be more aware.    Ok, so the next morning…royal blue skies…we are walking on the docks with the cats drinking coffee, taking pictures.  Hottie & Thomas are walking Sophie… yes, you guessed it.  I call to the cats and of course, Cooper comes running…but Mini, well…Sophie starts her pursuit, and Cooper clears the corner and finds refuge on the boat.  Mini, however, starts a little too late and starts to make the turn on the wet docks, but can’t quite make the full turn and I watch her scrabble right off the edge into the water! Flying squirrels having nothing on her, I think she was soaring through the air like underdog.  Man, can she swim; I think she was paddling before she hit the water! Hank was on the other side taking pictures and caught her as she was climbing up the pillar. 018 Poor baby, she climbed the pillar and found a little hidey-hole under the dock.  I borrowed some guy’s dinghy and waded under there. She was wedged in a corner, holding fiercely to the water pipes.  I pried her out and those same guys guided me out to a swim ladder.020 German Thomas was apoplectic with sorrow and couldn’t stop apologizing.  Ugh.  What a morning!  Mini and I took a long warm shower—fully clothed. I needed to rinse the salt water from her fur and she wasn’t letting go of me, so we just stood under the shower together.  She never said a word!  She hasn’t left the boat since, not sure if that is out of fear or her Hershey squirts!  I really feel for her.  Sometimes, I feel the same way.  Like last night…but Hank will write that story!  Hottie, Thomas and Sophie left a few hours before us.  I don’t blame Sophie, she was adorable and it’s just her nature. Seriously, it’s lovely here; we went for a little snorkeling and saw the biggest starfish I have EVER seen. The water is crystal clear and it’s HOT. What more can anyone ask?  Well, for Mini…that it be dog free!


2 thoughts on “Mini, the magical swimming cat…

  1. Maura kane says:

    Where are the pictures of mini the ended cat? Glad you made it safe and sound to warmer weather . Enjoy!

  2. Grunt says:

    That sounds just like Hank. Absolutely no S.A. I guess that’s why he always got gunned so many times…totally unobserved, of course. Oh well, his loss…I mean, no big deal, after all, why would he want to look?

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