It’s not gold….it’s Platinum

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December 11, 2012 by Last Star blog

It’s not gold….it’s Platinum         

So yesterday we pulled out of West End to sail south to Port Lucaya to get positioned closer to Freeport and the airport where we pick up Cole on Friday.  Well the Dockmaster Kyle and I were discussing the strong southerly breezes and he commented how they had NOT had southerly winds since hurricane Sandy at the end of October.  I told him that I needed to go south and having winds right in my face was not surprising at all.  After all it is the “voyage of the damned”.  I asked Kyle if he thought it would be rough down south and he said “well it is a big ocean”.  The Bahamians are very non-committal and masters of the understatement. 

Well Patricia and I tossed the lines ( I managed to leave her on the dock this time, some miscommunication but I did swing back by and she was able to leap aboard; totally safe) and were off.  Patricia took the wheel leaving the basin and I went below to button things up.  We turned south, straight into the waves and swell and the trusty Garmin said we’d be there at 4:00 PM, only 7 more hours–sweet.  The waves were huge, the bow was burying itself about every 3rd wave, the entire crew was ready to mutiny and shit below was being tossed all about.  I did a quick show of hands on who wanted to go back and it was unanimous.  We were less than one hour from tossing the lines to getting back in the slip and secured.  Truly it was an easy decision, horrible conditions all day, unknown harbor/anchorage at the other end, and finally on Saturday when we would have Cole we would have NORTH winds and would be going north to do the whole thing over again.  This way we stay here at Old Bahama Bay marina and rent a car to get Cole on Friday and leave from here to enter the Grand Banks. 

So we’ve been using the fine bikes here; two bikes, two pedals as I like to call them and touring the village.  Ever optimistic of the BATELCO phone man showing up for work and selling us a sim card.  Today we went to the Post Office to send some correspondence.   The folks here are amazing friendly.  EVERYONE will wave and say hello as we glide by on the bikes.  We went to the market and bought some bread, looked at the shelves to see what is for sale.  Then we went further down the road to the liquor store.  Made small talk with the local policeman (he was getting a butterfinger candy bar), looked at the beer prices.  Beer here is about 45$ a case!!  They have three Bahamian beers, Kalik, Sands (made in Freeport), and Eclipse.  The Eclipse is 1$ a bottle, for a buck its fine.  The US beers or anything else imported is way costly and generally sold as singles.  Coming out of the liquor store with my 4 eclipses tucked in the back pack there was a commotion near the white Cadillac that is always parked out front with 2-3 guys hanging in or on it.  Seems a local entrepreneur was trying to sell some Bahamian Crayfish (spiny lobster, rock lobster) out of a Styrofoam cooler.  He wasn’t getting many takers.  So I sauntered over to stick my nose in the mix and see what was happening.  Well our vendor saw an easy target in the pale goof with the funny sandals and cammo hat.  I asked him how much, he wanted 20$ each, I just scoffed as that was insane and oh by the way the sizes were totally different.  I told him $10 for both.  We settled on $10. 

Here’s a photo of our guy.


Now when we bought the lobster I told him I wanted him to show me how to clean them so he said sure, he really was nice and quick to laugh.  We said we wanted some photos so he quickly went into character and as you can see flashed some “signs” in the blink of an eye.  Maybe he is showing me he is selling two lobsters?  I don’t know what the health board would say about the cigarette smoking in the cleaning process–it adds flavor.  So he took out his blade, showed me how to remove the head from the body.  You can see the carnage in the next photo.  Now here is the best part, once the heads are removed you break off an antennae, snap that in half again and ram it up the poor critters “corn-holio”, then you take the antennae and pull on the intestine that is trailing from where you pulled the head off and that will gently pull and remove ALL the intestine and bad business you don’t want in your food.  Pretty slick and amazing.


I asked Platinum why he was wearing his black ninja pajamas.  He defended himself that there was jellies in the water and they were stinging him.  Note in the photo how he has mated the fine Adiddas shower shoes with some nice cotton socks–his look is way fresh.  After all his work I asked him if he wanted two fives, five and five ones etc.  He said no problem man–you hear that a lot here.  I said I had change from the liquor store so it was up to him.  Platinum said he’d like 12 then.  I busted out laughing, I liked his chutzpah and that he was still after some more cash.  I told him I’d give him the 2$ for his instruction and training he passed me.  He laughed.  We parted with my two lobster tails in a wal-mart bag.

When we got back to the Resort I asked Dawn the receptionist what a good price would be for two lobster tails, she asked me what I paid, I asked her the fair price as I suspect if I had told her I paid $100 each she would have said that was good.  Again Bahamians are very non-committal and it’s “all good”.  She did tell me that 10$ would be a good price for two–score!!  I told her I bought them from Platinum and she burst out laughing as she knows him–surprise.  I think everyone knows one another here.

Well here they are ready for the grill. 


Cutting the back open was a challenge, I think I need some serious kitchen scissors.  The bigger one was well protected in his armor.  Suggested recipes were all about the same; some butter, spices you like, cook on the grill.  Well we did that and here’s the results.


We did some chores on the boat today for boy’s arrivals, some mods etc.  Overall a good day.  Warm, sunny, WINDY and we were safe here at West End.


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