All’s quiet at the West End

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December 13, 2012 by Last Star blog

We are near the end of our stay here.  Here’s a link.

Tomorrow we go to get Cole at the airport.  The wind is finally shifting from south to westerly as the northern front draws near.  We might see a bit of rain and the north easterly wind will keep us pinned here until Sunday.  We’ve been all over the island on the bikes.  The week has gone by rather quickly.  I know Kyle the Dockmaster, Jamal the deck hand, Sharon at fuel and registration   Dawn and Daisy at the front desk of the resort.  Pierre in the gardening, Carvin the chief Engineer on the property, Erica at the bar etc etc..  Of course there is Platinum (real name Peter and his twin brother Josh, according to Erica), there’s April downtown of April’s Kitchen whose daughter comes home from school at Marshall University back in Texas. This morning we watched Rex and Dixie push off in their catamaran to head south and go get there kids in the Berry islands.  What is unusual about Rex and Dixie (other than they both have “x”s in their names?  Well Dixie is from Tomball Texas, yep the little POS town that I grew up in and graduated from high school there so many years ago.  Then I come to the ends of the earth, see her husband in a Rice Univ T-shirt and NSTFS I’m from the same town as his wife is from, population back then about 2,000.  Oh and Dixie’s sister is named Candy–what were their parents thinking, lucky they both didn’t turn out to be pole dancers.  Very nice couple and have their hands full with a huge catamaran–4 months into their odyssey too.

Kathy from Canada got us all together for a social call this evening, what a mixed bag of folks.  BYOB and snacks under one of the verandas here.  Nice chance to chat and see what everyone else’s plans are.  Looks like Sunday will be the big push for all when the front is past and things calm down.  Tonight it is noisy but dry, boat is nice and dry and air is clean but not cold.  guess a big night for shooting stars but we saw none.

Sorry there are no pics, just the same scenery for the last week but it was nice to sit still and relax after the 60 days sliding the ICW.

Stay tuned for more family clown acts as the rest of the crew show in the next few weeks.  Oh and BTW Alek got a sweet offer from EA Games to stay with them.  His new call-sign is Phat Stax as he will be rolling in the green.  Booyah for him.  Nicely done Alek!


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