Heading East from West End….


December 17, 2012 by Last Star blog

16 December

Heading East from West End…

Big push out of Old Bahama Bay this morning, first folks to leave pushed out about 7:00 AM, we left about 9:00.  Now we wanted to get some fuel and knew our first stop was about 4.5 hours away and that we needed some high water through Indian Cay cut so nine was perfect for us.

We had “cold rations” that Cole seemed to enjoy, we did a little last minute weather check on the internet.  The computers were low on power so rather than suck the charge out of the house batteries we hauled them up to the “wedding pavilion” and drained their power there.  Weather looked good for the next few days but a BIG norther is coming and will affect the area by Friday.

We had a heck of a time getting off the fuel dock, again pressed against it and no way off gently.  Getting out of the slip was cake, the fuel dock a gentle disaster.  In regards to getting in and out of slips and maneuvering a woman Kathy said “you are either watching the show or in the show”, truer words never spoken.

Once out of the Marina we motored about a mile north and entered Indian cut.  Patricia and Cole were up front with two sets of eagle eyes to look for anything that would bump into the bottom of the boat–bad.  As the depth decreased I called out the depth from the sounder; we saw no less than7.5 feet and that was fine by me.  For the most part it was 8s and 9s and crystal clear.  After about an hour we got out of the “pass” and turned towards Mangrove.  The cut saved us from going to Memory Rock and took about 10 miles off the trip; a big deal in a slow boat.

We knew we were on the right heading to Mangrove as the wind was directly down our nose!  Now the bank does not get too rough, chop really so we just plugged away into the bright blue water.  We had 11-15 feet all day.  About half an hour into the long leg it occurred to me that I should fish!  The Captain from “Outta Here” from Destin indicated that we could easily catch fish in these waters.  He gave us some recommendations on lures etc so why not.  I rigged my trusty 60$ rig from Wal-mart with a 1$ dollar lure from China and added a 1oz lead weight and heaved it in.  I let out about 100 yards of line and put the rod in the holder.  About 10 minutes later…zzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ!  Yeah baby!  So Cole and I are both looking rather surprised based on my previous track record for fishing and I pop up and grab the pole (STS).  I’m not really confident that there is something on there but let’s find out.  I start to bring it in and it is a bit of a challenge as the rear of the boat is NOT configured for fishing.  There’s the back-stay, the arch, the dinghy, the bbq, the flag pole, the life-lines and all of this is in the way.  I’m able to cheat to the port side a bit, Patricia slows the boat to near idle and I begin to crank.  After a few minutes we get this nice little Spanish Mackerel to the boat, Cole grabs our net and we bring him aboard.  Mackerels are pretty good fighters, this guy did a nice job for his weight and it was all pretty fun.  Once aboard I poured some alcohol into his gills (that kills them without the beating and bloody mess) and waited a few minutes until he was dead.


We cleaned him and made two fillets that would be our dinner later.  After all this excitement Cole needed a nap of course while his mother and I continued to our destination.  We got to Mangrove about 1:30 for an awesome lunch from Patricia and then dove on our anchor to check it and then settled in for some lounging around.  Dinner was quite nice with the fish seasoned and grilled on the bbq.  We ended up with a catamaran, two sailboats, a large Yacht and 3-4 Bahamian fishermen nearby.  A bit windy tonight but hopefully it will calm and compared to what I’m expecting on Friday this should be nothing.

Maybe there will be more fishing tomorrow?  We need a slightly bigger fish though.


One thought on “Heading East from West End….

  1. Nichole Ebner says:

    Safe travels this week! The Ebners

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