Flying to Foxtown

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December 18, 2012 by Last Star blog

Off to Foxtown

We spent the night last night at Mangrove Cay (cay is pronounced Key) and it was not much of a stop.  It did provide good anchorage, the wind was light and when the tide went out we were left in 4 feet of water but that was enough to get out.  We decided to push hard today to get some miles knocked out as a VERY big front is coming this Friday and we need to get past Whale Cay in order to reach Alek in Marsh Harbor by Christmas Eve.  Whale Cay passage requires a short 3-4 miles into the Atlantic and on a strong North or Easterly wind it becomes a “rage” as they call them here and NO ONE goes into the passes in that.  We’ll see how it goes with the weather.

Today we cleared the shallows of Mangrove and got the sails up, both of them!  We pulled about 5 knots as the winds were light.  After about 2 hours of sailing it blew even less so we fired up the diesel and started to motor east as we wanted to get past Carterrs Cay.  Cole and I decided to throw another lure out and see what we could catch.  Here are some pics…


Me rigging the lure and helping him get it launched into the water and not into my thigh…

ImagePoised and ready for action…..

ImageBringing in the big one….

ImageAnd another spanish Mackerel!  This one was just a bit smaller than the day prior and we thrrew him back as we didn’t want to eat the same fish two days in a row.  In addition, we’d need another to make a meal as he’d be too small alone.  We did rig a larger lure later in the day but I tied it poorly and the first hit it came off the line.  We saw some huge barracudas jumping out of the water after fish right after we got it in the water but I think that was coincidental    We also were joined by 2-3 large dolphin this morning who came up to the bow to the applause and thrill of both Cole and Patricia, it was really cool.

After lunch the wind picked up and we were able to get the sails out again, it freshened to about 10ish knots and we were seeing 7s and 8s and still going in the right direction.  We would make Foxtown.

Here’s Cole napping up front and reading his KindleImage

Tomorrow we will try and make Green Turtle Cay, it is a large stopping area for sailors and we should get weather and maybe some provisions.  It could be a shorter day so we may pop into Foxtown.  The weather will make those decisions for us.


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