Green Turtle Cay….very nice


December 18, 2012 by Last Star blog

We left Foxtown this morning bound for Green Turtle Cay.  Our goal was an early arrival so we could look around a bit and see the small town and popular island.  Foxtown was a great overnighter.  It was odd to be so close to the local folks just off the water.  You could hear their conversations, dinner talk, dogs barking etc.  It is amazing how much sound carries over the water.  We spent a quiet night only disturbed by a small rain shower (rinsed the boat) and the dogs occasionally getting worked up into a frenzy.  This morning the water was so calm you could see right through it like glass, emerald glass but still crystal clear.  

We mostly motored to Green Turtle Cay and caught another small fish we threw back, too small for dinner again.  We arrived about 1:00 PM and had a quick lunch.


Here’s Cole helping set the Anchor in White Sound.  The place has two nice Marinas, and lovely little homes right on the water.  Very idyllic.  Here’s a snap of Last Star in the anchorage that we took while going to check out the marinas and what they might have in their grocery stores.


You can see the little home on pilings just off our bow in the background.  At night they are all decorated for Christmas, very nice.  We visited some Marinas as we want to come back here next week when Alek is with us for a longer stay.  The little town of New Plymouth at the south end of the island was amazing, sorry no photos as my battery died but we’ll get some next time.  A very cute and colorful town with a very old world feeling.  

We dinghied back with a little too much spray but were rewarded with a nice happy hour of rum punches and some of the best Conch Fritters I ever tasted, very moist and with a nice dipping sauce.  



Today was an easy day and the weather says the trip through “Whale Cay Passage” should go well too.  We’ll listen to the curiser’s net on VHF 68 tomorrow at 8:15 for the latest news on the passage.  Forecast sounds good for the near term, strong front on Friday though.


6 thoughts on “Green Turtle Cay….very nice

  1. Beth says:

    Its so NICE to read these happy moments….not that I dont enjoy the tails of endless boat repair…..Your Happy smiling faces say it all…..So glad to see this experiance has been worth it… far…………..Merry Christmas to you all and Lone Star !!

  2. Beth says:

    ooops…Last Star ……

  3. Trash says:

    I’ll second that! This is much more like the “dream cruise” now, as opposed to VotD. Enjoy!

  4. Ret. Shirt says:

    Looks like your razor is broken Sir Hank? !!! Just say’n

  5. windsurfer74 says:

    Beth, Trash, thanks for stopping by. The last few days have been amazing, need more bandwidth to post my latest set of photos. Thanks for stopping in, merry Christmas.

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