A baker’s dozen of Bakers Bay…


December 21, 2012 by Last Star blog

19 December

A Baker’s Dozen of this would be fabulous…..

As we were preparing to leave Green Turtle Cay we knew we would face the Whale Cay passage, a dangerous pass that can be murder in bad weather.  A gentlemen was passing by in his Dinghy and wanted to ask about our boat and after some small talk it turned to “the passage” and more horror stories.  I could see Patricia turning green.  Now we had an equal dose of gloom and doom the day prior on the same subject.  Now bear in mind that anyone transiting the Abacos will have to make this pass, and hundreds do with no issues.  Well it turned out to be cake, I don’t think the plates even rattled.  Now the weather was phenomenal–that’s why we elected to go early.  After negotiating the pass we were passing in the old cruise ship channel and saw this on our port side.


As Captain I made another of my amazing spontaneous decisions and said “hard to port”–I’m a nautical nut!  Well shortly after this decision we were in 7 feet of water with the anchor out and the dinghy down and motoring ashore.

This photo down the beach shows you Whale Cay on the horizon to the left.  You have to pass around it into the Atlantic due to shoals and shallow water inside.  IF the waves are big and winds are strong from the NNE then this would be a different photo–but not today.


Cole elected to take a little swim before lunch in the emerald green waters.  Cole and Patricia think they saw a small shark but the waters held little else.  A bit of a desert below the surface.


Here’s a photo of my view during lunch, beats the view at my old desk at DOT&E.  This is a bit more colorful than the fluorescent hell that desiccates any cake brought into that environment–Merry Christmas to Air Warfare and 1D548.


Patricia was happy to get off the boat and onto a beach and grab some shells


But we couldn’t stay there all day, well maybe we could be we elected not to.  Instead we sailed to Treasure Cay and this is the sunset we were treated to….


Overall not a bad day at Bakers Bay


One thought on “A baker’s dozen of Bakers Bay…

  1. Troy says:

    Very merry christmas!

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