Sometimes you feel like a nut….a coconut

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December 22, 2012 by Last Star blog

20 December

Sometimes you feel like a nut…..a coconut

Treasure Cay; one of National Geographic’s top ten beaches!!  Once you are on the beach it is clear why.  Wow.  So yesterday after Bakers Bay we could see quite a few days at Marsh Harbor so the easy decision was take a right rather than a left and see a different part of paradise.  We pulled out the sails and worked towards Treasure Cay.  We pulled into Treasure Cay harbor about 4:00 pm just in time for happy hour.   We spun a couple of times looking for the supposed mooring balls (one of eight) and found none.  We ended up tossing out the anchor instead.  I guess that the boat next to us thought we were too close as about the time we got settled and set they lifted their anchor and moved about 400 yards further behind us beyond another row of boats.  They were Canadians and maybe too nice to say anything?  I would have moved if they said they were uncomfortable.  If there is a protocol I’ll be happy to follow it.  We thought we had the room and through the night we did.

We got up this morning and decided to explore Treasure Cay as we knew we had a short 15 miles to Marsh Harbor under sunny skies.  We motored in and tied up the dinghy at the marina near Tipsy’s bar.  Tipsy’s was the scene of the most horrific crime the night before–karaoke night.  I’ve mentioned how sound carries across the water, well drunken Karaoke carries like no other.  Katy Perry’s Fireworks song was murdered in a horrible manner.  The drunker she got the louder the massacre–sound familiar?  Is there any other karaoke?  Well the crime scene tape was removed by morning so none of our shots were messed up.  We strolled over to the commercial section and had a cinnamon roll  that was out of this world.  Cinnabon has nothing on these.  Here’s the nice lady that turns these out, along with other baked goods.  We also grabbed some nice sweet white bread for sandwiches–Bahamian style; better than Gangynm Style fo shizzle.


We also scoped the supermarket and liquor store, though we don’t really need anything it is nice to know what is available.  We also bought some lures at the hardware store.  After our shopping spree–we crossed the street to go see the beach and continue our search for a windsurfer.  We were working our way through the Drive In movie theater (parking lot with nighttime duties) towards the beach and found this “pool”, note the supports for the diving board and now it is all filled in and full of plants.  Weird


Well here is one of the top ten beaches in the world according to NGS and I’d have to say yes it is.  Really amazing sand, water and clearly sunshine today.  Oh and no people–just like I like it.


The bar there was getting a new coat of paint, bright Bahamian colors were the first choice.  I liked it.  022The guy doing the painting was a real trip and very nice.  Cole was off looking for a coconut and he also found a helpful guy with a machete to help him get to the center of the nut.  I’m sure most have seen a coconut at the store but getting to the good parts is a challenge.  First there is the husk, this fibrous material that surrounds the hard nut.


Well Pearson did short work of the husk with his machete, then he went after getting the hard nut topped off so Cole could drink the water inside–whack, instant sipping hole.


After Cole drank the liquid (we all tasted it and it wasn’t bad though Pearson said it was too old and bitter) Pearson then took the back of the machete and whacked the shell at an angle or diagonal  that split it into nice big chunks.  Oh you want the meat separated from the husk?  OK, more whack whack whack–it was freaking coconut surgery with this weapon, all the meat was free from the husk.  Super nice guy like everyone here.  Oh and still no windsurfer.

Well we worked our way back to the boat and thought about our next leg.  The winds were off the nose so we motored rather than sailed.  Two hours, not too painful.  We pulled into Marsh Harbor and found it rather deserted really.  We say Paul and Kathy on Lucia from West End.  We say the Jonathon III that we originally saw in the ICW in Georgia, Fernadina, Lake Worth Fl, Mangrove Cay and now here!  We saw Bifrost from Hancock Creek in NC and another handful of boats that are just familiar.

While motoring from Treasure Cay we were dragging a lure and Cole was catching dinner.  We pulled in this little guy just before arriving so left him on deck while we got anchored and then I put Cole to cleaning it after we were settled.


Here’s the evil eye from a Spanish Mackerel.


Giving us the evil eye did not serve the fish well, he lost his head.  He lost his tail, and other bits as well.  Cole made short work of him and he was in the reefer (fridge) to be served up for dinner later.


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