Man of War Cay


December 25, 2012 by Last Star blog

Well on the 23rd the cool front finally calmed down and we were able to push out of Marsh Harbor.  We would be back in 24 hrs to pick up Alek but we had no further reason to stay there and wanted to scout the area before he arrived.

We pushed out of Mangoes Marina about 1030 and motored out to the Abaco Sea and hoped to sail to Man of War, about 8 miles.  We did sail a bit but the winds were in our face and we wanted to get there sooner than later to explore the island.  We were to arrive on a Sunday and pretty much everything was closed.  The guide said the island was very much about family, religion, and stepping back in time.  I felt like we entered an Amish settlement or a Stephen King novel–not sure which.  The anchorage was jam packed so we opted for a mooring ball; the mooring put right in front of the dinghy dock as well so easier to come and go.

We went ashore and were plopped down in a very unusual setting of small little colorful homes and narrow lanes.  There are no cars here, only golf carts or “club cars”.  We quickly crossed over the island and to the Atlantic.



You could see the rollers breaking offshore about a mile and the little waves that were left were making this type of affect on the rocks.  Can’t imagine the sight during the norther.  What was odd was that there was a full size softball field right up against the ocean and most of the homes near it had stands built onto the roofs and porches for folks to watch.

I did find this little bit of detritus on the beach, suspect it came from China and I only include it for my friend BK so he can enjoy.

001Cole continued his quest for the perfect coconut, he found one, brought it back to the boat and opened it with a screwdriver and hammer.  It was soured and served only to soil the back of the boat.  I’ll have him scrubbing the decks tomorrow.


We went back to the boat and noticed that the “treat” shop was open at 8:00 PM for ice cream so we made a mental note to get back in the dinghy to see what that was all about.  We got there about 8:15 and half the town was there getting ice cream.  Needless to say we stuck out a bit as we were the only out of towners. The hole town is named either Albury or Sweeting.  They have a “wall of heroes” (most towns here do and the criteria to get on is a bit obscure and varied) and all were either Albury or Sweeting.  Well the milkshakes were awesome and satisfied the sweet tooth and dairy tooth at the same time.  We hustled back to the boat before we became part of the King novel and had a great nights rest in the quiet anchorage.



Morning brought more great weather and we headed back to Marsh Harbor to get Alek for Christmas



One thought on “Man of War Cay

  1. BK says:

    Chinese trash spoiling the Atlantic .. what’s next!?

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