Merry Christmas


December 26, 2012 by Last Star blog

The return from Man of War was easy.  We did spend the morning trying to run down some more chain for our anchor as the town is known for its working ship yard and marinas.  Well they had some chain but not the kind we needed; we need triple B for the windlass and they had none.  The folks there are nice enough but as Cole put it “they don’t smile with their eyes”.  The Bahamians here are very friendly, ManoWar–not so much.  I’ll go with the Stephen King novel theme.

We sailed back to Marsh, got a ride from a great lady driving a taxi.  The taxis here are just independents and she said she’d wait at the airport for me while I grabbed Alek because she wanted the fare both ways.   She had Christmas gifts in her car for her kids, standard stuff just like anywhere else.  Nice Lady.

We had Alek back at the boat by 1:30 and settled in.  He was loaded like a mule with things we asked him to bring back for us–great kid and great mule.  We had some cat things shipped and they threw in some catnip in a little plastic bag.  He brought that, it looked like a bag of weed, glad customs didn’t see it or he could be spending Christmas in jail…!!

012Here’s us at Happy Hour, nice sunset too

010Here’s the boys opening presents and our Charlie Brown tree

024 021Alek got a zombie board game and Mini wanted to play, here’s a photo of the cat as folks always want to see photos of the cats.025

Christmas dinner will be at a local resort today, we’ll let you know how that goes next time we are on line.  Tomorrow is either Hope Town or Treasure Cay depending on the wind.  After that we will try and get back to Turtle Cay for the New Years Junkanoo parties.




One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. Jo says:

    Merry Christmas (a little late). What a great adventure you’re having and what awesome memories you’re making! Enjoy!

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