Out of Green Turtle Cay and points beyond

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January 6, 2013 by Last Star blog

2 Jan 2013

On the move….

As the new year dawned we needed to get moving.  We had spent 4 days in Green Turtle Cay waiting for Junkanoo and the New Years celebration.  As usual all movement was driven by a weather window and passing through Whale Cay passage, the reason we were there 3 days early in GTC.  Now it was time to press out.  We elected to go north to Spanish Cay as we had blitzed past it with Cole enroute to get Alek at Marsh Harbor and now had the time to check it out.  It was an easy sail north and we wanted to take advantage of the southerly breezes.  Normally the southerly breeze is a precursor to a norther passing through.  Not the case his week they say.

Spanish Cay is known for its sport fishing and many sharks that patrol the harbor scooping up the scraps from the dead fish or the cleaned fish.  Folks are warned to NOT let pets off the leash and keep and eye on kids as what ever hits the water the sharks will strike–yikes.  Well we got there and anchored just outside of the marina (we didn’t want the cats near the harbor and when we are at anchor they stay put) and dinghied in.  There was not ONE boat there–totally deserted.  We tied up and no sooner that we turned around that this guy was trolling under the dinghy and around the dock.


I went inside to see the harbor master and inquire what was up in the area, could we leave the dinghy, etc and were politely told the island is private and we could buy some things in the marina store but could not walk around the island!!  Well crap, what fun was that.  We went back to the boat and motored quickly to a place called Coopers Town to spend the night.

We got up early-ish the next morning and went to Powell Cay directly east of Coopers Town, it is an uninhabited island and has some “high” terrain and a nice view of the Atlantic.  We went ashore and found a trail to the bluff, it was a real jungle in there.  The view from the bluff was a bit anti-climatic but still worth the hike.  We could not find a trail to the Atlantic though.  We tried putting in elsewhere and cutting across but no luck.  The boys ended up diving on an old barge looking for Conch and lobsters.



We left Powell about 1100 and headed south to get through the pass and to Great Guana by the end of the day.  The trip south was uneventful, the Whale Pass was suitable for water-skiing, just how we like it.  The visibility in the water was unreal, you could see the bottom at 30+ feet and it was a deep blue.  Very pretty.  We hoped to get a larger fish in the pass but no luck.

We arrived at Great Guana about 3:15 PM and again the water was like oil.  We dinghied to Grabbers beach and went in search of some bread.  We checked out the settlement and found the grocery store and then we went to famous Nippers for a round of drinks and a t-shirt for Patricia.  The mosquitoes ate us alive on the walk across the island.  The Atlantic beach view from Nippers is awesome.  Tomorrow we will spend the day at the beach and chill there.  Maybe snorkel.

Here are some pictures of our Bahamian day!


018 023 031 029


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