Nice times at Nippers

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January 7, 2013 by Last Star blog

Great Guana, so what’s great?

As we came through Whale Pass we elected to stay at Great Guana and see what the famous Nippers was all about and peek at the Atlantic beach.  As indicated in the previous post we arrived in late afternoon, did some basic flash sightseeing and returned to the boat to plan the next day’s events.

We felt the Atlantic beach was a must do and a lunch at Nippers as well.

Crashing waves; hardly waves at all.

Crashing waves; hardly waves at all.

The beach was epic again, nice sand, some rocks for exploring on and also some rocks off shore for snorkeling.

Brochure beach, and around the corner, it just keeps going.

Brochure beach, and around the corner, it just keeps going.

Getting the snorkel gear ready

Getting the snorkel gear ready

We are currently under a huge “high pressure” and the weather is awesome.  Almost summer weather but no Thunder storms.  The breeze what little there was was offshore and the Atlantic was very flat and inviting.

Treasures from the sea

Treasures from the sea

Patricia found some nice shells, the boys swam and snorkeled and we had a nice lunch at Nippers, boys had hamburgers, Patricia a grouper burger and I had Cracked Lobster platter.  I’d go back for the burgers there.  We really enjoyed a nice day at the beach there and later that afternoon retreated back to the boat for showers and happy hour.  A great day.

One side note on the day was my dealings with FedEx.  I called Mangoes that morning to make a reservation for a slip on the 10th to get the boys returned to the US.  Lisa there told me that the FedEx guy was holding my wifi booster package in Freeport as he needed to see my “cruising permit” to release the package.  So she gives me a number to call Alvin and see what is up.  Oh and BTW after I spent 100$ to get this thing shipped the booster has not failed since.  Oh and then as it is warranty I have to send the “old” part back!?  What will that cost?  So I talk to Alvin and he says me giving him the number to the permit will not do and he needs a scan or fax.  A scan…yeah right.  So I figure a fax is doable as they love the fax here; want faxes at the drop of a hat.  And the permit is basically un-readable.  The only thing I can read on it is “last star” under vessel name.  SO I put my permit and other paperwork in my backpack and while at Nippers I ask “Nipper” ( I guess that’s his name as he owns the place) where I can send a fax back to Freeport for customs harassment (trying to get sympathy).  Nipper tells me to go to the grocery store.  Sweet Faxes and eggs, perfect match.  So as we are walking back I split with my family as Cole needs to go find a public bathroom, Alek is loaded with the snorkel gear and he wants a direct route to the boat, and Patricia will go with the boys.  I get to the grocery and pose the $50 question to the girl stocking the milk, who is also the cashier.  “do you do faxes”, and she says yep!  Wow, this may work.  She looks a bit rattled so I tell her to relax and stock the milk I have time.  She then goes to find the manager who takes me to a back room, as we get to the back of the store he starts to get edgy I sense as I think I am getting closer to his cold hard cash; Credit cards are not the monetary choice here, people prefer cash and now he’s with a guy he doesn’t know with a back pack and letting him into the business end of the store.  He relaxes a bit when the form comes out and I give him a number.  Amazingly the thing goes through the first time but it is to Marsh Harbor; I tell him I can’t explain the number but it was confirmed twice to me.  All is well.  Now all this was a Friday so maybe on Monday Alvin gets my fax and the package goes out.  We’ll see.


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