Off to find some Treasure

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January 7, 2013 by Last Star blog

So we left Great Guana in search of some treasure (conch) and a stop at Treasure Cay to see the amazing beach there.

Here’s a photo of the fish that fell in love with our anchor chain, I think he matched the color and tried to hide behind it. Fish are not so smart.


As we pushed from Great Guana the plan was to find some nice spots within the Abaco sea and try and gather some Conch for conch salad.  Now we suspect after 4 weeks here that when you ask a Bahamian with conch where you find it he tells you exactly the opposite place/way/technique to find conch.  Its a shell that lays on the bottom, not hard to catch.  So far we are Oh-fer as in zero for X tries.  Zilch.

We tried a couple of shallow grassy spots (recommended) and deeper spots, and sandy spots etc etc.  029 021 031Well we didn’t find any conch but we did find this way awesome 6 trillion gallon swimming pool with some amazingly clear and cool water.  There was little wind and it was way hot so the swim was well received.  In the middle photo you can see my silhouette or shadow along the bottom as I take the snap.  The water is about 15 feet deep in all these photos.

After our swim we decided to bring out the asymmetrical spinnaker and see if the light breeze could “ghost” us all the way to Treasure Cay.  Ghost as in slide quietly with no noise.  My brother in law Armin has a very colorful way to express his disdain and dislike for running the diesel engine. He would have loved this leg with the spinnaker.046 041 049

We slid quietly for over two hours like this, autopilot on, everybody reading or sleeping and just gliding along with no noise at 2-3 knots.  Totally amazing.

Here’s Cole “Kindling”; his second pass on “Game of Thrones”039

Finally some shells that Patricia harvested; don’t know if I’ve shown the shells before–it all becomes a blur.

Treasures from the sea

Treasures from the sea




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