Treasure Cay to Lubbers Quarter and Tahiti Beach


January 8, 2013 by Last Star blog

So we awoke this morning with one objective; get Cole online to do his registration changes for the Spring semester.  If you can get 2 things done a day you are winning.  Well UT elected to move the start time from 9 AM to 12 noon; oh and we are Eastern Time zone here.  OK, so now what do we do for 3+ hours?  Well we pull anchor and go to Marsh Harbor to pass the next two hours and get some miles under the keel.  IF we are successful with UT then we are that much further ahead.

Here’s the sunset and sunrise at Treasure Cay marina where we spent the last 2 days.  I include these as folks say they love them and want more photos.  Truth be told the sunsets are pretty amazing every night and we don’t get tired of them either.  Thee water was like glass in the morning again.  006 015

Here’s a photo of the Treasure Cay beach, it really is this beautiful.  The sand was very dry and remained cool all day.  I mentioned this before but according tot he guide this beach at one time was a National Geographic world wide Top-10.  We had lunch there, usual burgers and grouper sandwiches.  We opted out of the conch and lobster today.016


004Here’s my two fishermen, yesterday not so good.  We did catch a fish but another fish bit it in half before we got it on board.  Good thing as the first fish was awful ugly and sort of scary, the front half of it looked like a lizard.  God knows what ate it and whatever it was bit it clean in half.

Years ago when we had a smaller boat and smaller kids we took this photo

Circa 1998ish?

Circa 1998ish?

15 years later we have a bigger boat (thankfully) and this to show for it.

Bahamas 2013

Bahamas 2013

Finally, here’s another sunset Cole took with his Droid.

2013-01-03_17-43-37_414After Marsh Harbor we pulled anchor and motor sailed to Lubbers Quarter to see about this “Tahiti Beach” tomorrow.  We are currently anchored in the middle of no where and it is quite dark out, just stars.  Hopefully tomorrow will dawn sunny and live up to the promise of an another amazing beach.  It is only visible during low tide so you must dinghy to it.



4 thoughts on “Treasure Cay to Lubbers Quarter and Tahiti Beach

  1. Joe brough says:

    Great photo set of the boys! Living the dream….looks awesome.

  2. Anna Arnold says:

    So glad all the travel–yours and the boys’–worked out! Was beginning to worry about you guys. Hope you had a great Christmas altogether and can enjoy some time in paradise. The boys look great! Love the two shots. What cute cherub faces. We send our love and best wishes for 2013! Be safe.

  3. Kevin Fesler says:

    Nice pictures and comments. I thought life was good with a Low Level to the range, but I am green with envy. Enjoy!

  4. Stubbs says:

    I am glad to see the “2 things a day” rule applies to more than just the DoD. Love the pictures.

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