Adios Abacos

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January 15, 2013 by Last Star blog

Adios Abacos,

13 January

We left Marsh Harbour with heavy hearts after saying goodbye to our boys.  As Patricia indicated the next few days after they left was all work and re-stocking our “rations” as I like to call them.  We did score a rotisserie chicken at Maxwells and Patricia also scored some Conch and all of a sudden we had tons of food and no one to help us eat!  Nonetheless on Sunday we left Marsh Harbor and headed south to leave the Abacos.  It was odd to go over some of the same ground we had spent the last month cruising with Cole and Alek; after a few hours after we cleared Lubbers Quarter we were in “unchartered territory”.  I tried a little fishing but it was not the same without Cole manning the lures and the pole–also there was a lot of seaweed so it wasn’t working out so well.  After about 4 hours going south we arrived at Li’l Harbour.  It is an odd little harbor that was founded by an artist in the 50s.  He did lots of bronze work and had a foundry at the “ends of the earth” as it were.  Currently there is his studio, a gallery, and of course a bar called Pete’s Pub.  We stuck our head in two of these places as it was sunday and the studio was not open.

We had to dinghy in as the tide was so low that we could not get in the harbor.  The ride in the “floppy sausage” (what we named the dinghy with all four of us in it) was a bit rough as we anchored around a spit of land but still had some surge and breakers.  There was no one in the harbor, we eventually found the studio and I did see some windsurfers in some rafters there (hopeful), then we did the studio where a lady was changing a diaper on a baby there–trust me the diaper needed changing.  Like many galleries everything was about $1,000 and up–cuz the clientele that rolls through there needs a $3500 bronze sea turtle for the boat?  Next stop was the bar–we coined it “hermit harbor” as this collection of folks were a bit scary.  I did talk to Pete about the windsurfers–all old and too large, no deal.  So after about an hour we left Li’l Harbor and headed  back to the boat.  The anchorage was no good, too much surge and roll from the ocean so we scooted back north about a mile or two and hid behind Lynard Cay with about 10 other boats.  One lady did come by looking for a puppy that they lost on the beach?  How that happened we had no clue, we also had no tally on the puppy.  We never heard it through the night either.

About 6:00 AM we were to get up and get going for Eleuthera if the weather was good.  That’s a post for another day.



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