Escape to Eleuthera


January 16, 2013 by Last Star blog

14 December

So we awoke early in order to push off to Eleuthera as the “weather window” was ideal.  The trip to Royal Harbour was 55 nautical miles and would take approx 9 hours so we wanted an early start.  Well we were the last to leave….as usual.  6 other boats pushed off before we did, some in near dark.  I figured the 7:00 AM departure would suffice.  We had the sails out before we snuck through the pass; the pass was smooth and easy thankfully.  Once out we were in the ocean and turned to a 180 heading, the wind was right out of the east and we would have a nice beam reach for the next 50 miles.

The day was mostly sunny with some clouds to help out with the sun and heat. When the clouds were overhead the water was a deep indigo bordering on black with the sun reflecting from the south.  When the sun was out the blue was a deep blue, deeper than windex blue.  It was an enjoyable sail with no motor (my brother in law would appreciate that) and a following sea for the last few miles.

Cole wanted to see what the water looks like when the boat heels and water runs up to the port-holes.

Water up the rails and outside...keep closed!

Water up the rails and outside…keep closed!

Here’s a photo of a boat we passed while underway, most of the boats were smaller so with our longer waterline we passed everyone.  We started with reefed sails (err to the side of caution) and ended up with full main and head sail.

008Upon arrival at Egg Island we turned east to gain the security of Royal Harbor for the night.

Last Star at Anchor in Royal Harbour Eleuthera

Last Star at Anchor in Royal Harbour Eleuthera



5 thoughts on “Escape to Eleuthera

  1. Leno says:

    Its -5C tonight with a forecast to go lower at RAF Lakenheath. Not sure why it has to go lower because I think I just saw the last moving molecule stop. Somewhere between -5C and where the mercury sits now is absolute zero….Kelvin was so far off in his estimate. Blog some more sun!

    • Ouch, never saw temps so cold there? What gives? I think Anne Marie Carver posted a FB photo of football practice in the snow. Well look on the bright side…..the winter solstice is past. BTW it was a bit cloudy here today and didn’t quite reach 80F; maybe tomorrow!! Hope you are well.


  2. Scott Stevenson says:

    Global warming .. you can see the effects in GB by the cold they are experiencing…errr..wait…

    Keep blogging Hank, enjoying the read!!

  3. Beth says:

    Guess I will share our snow flurry story too….yesterday it was in the 20’s in TEXAS….yes colder than a witches tit…..
    Nice dusting of snow…enough to freak out all the morning commuters….didn’t stop me from heading out to boot camp…hear me roar?
    So nice to see beautiful water and pretty weather. I know you both are missing the boys…..have fun and we look forward to reading about the up and coming adventures….My friend Rhonda was wishing for lobster in
    Anegada today….

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