Spanish Wells is swell….

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January 18, 2013 by Last Star blog

Spanish Wells is swell….

16 December

So after leaving Royal Harbor we scooted the 8 miles east to Spanish Wells.  It is a quiet little fishing village comprising of two islands that are connected by a small bridge.  The folks here are heavily involved in fishing crayfish (lobster that you get at “Red Lobster”; Red Lobster is their biggest customer, when you eat lobster at RL you are eating spiny lobster or crayfish from the Bahamas) and conch.  We took a mooring ball here and will spend 3 days here before we go further south to the Glass Window and Hatchet Bay.

There are only 7 mooring balls here and they are owned by Jock (aka Bandit or Cinnabar), nice fellow but difficult to understand his Bahamian accent.  He comes around in the morning and take your money for the mooring ball.  Friendly guy.

We saw 4 familiar vessels here from our trip.  One called “Wildest Dream” has a man and his wife and two small kids on a 34 footer–cramped!  We say him in Florida months ago when he got tangled with a mooring ball there and had to dive below to free it–not a good day for him.

Here’s the view from the moorings.

Looking at working harbor from mooring balls

Looking at working harbor from mooring balls

THe first night we were here some folks who live behind the pink house in the photo invited ALL the cruisers on the mooring balls to their house for happy hour and snacks.  The hospitality and friendliness of folks here is amazing.

When we got here we did some looking around and tried to find some part for the anchor we need.  We also had our propane tank for the stove refilled.  I don’t think that the safety standards practiced in the US for propane tanks is enforced here.  I did get out of there with all my eyebrows and no explosion.

Looking for anchor snubber...many murals here in town

Looking for anchor snubber…many murals here in town

Seems a cruiser came to town a few years ago, painted many murals for the businesses on the waterfront.  They are quite colorful and add a nice touch to the buildings; even more color.  There is no shortage of color in bahamian homes.  We rented the golf cart in the photo above to do the one hour tour of the place and we saw tons of amazingly beautiful homes and yards.  Many in a very curious style but they fit in nicely with the area.

Bahamians will paint anything and everything in the yard....quite colorful

Bahamians will paint anything and everything in the yard….quite colorful

When we started this trip and the planning SOOOO many folks asked about pirates and our safety and if we would bring a gun.  Bringing a gun into the Caribbean creates tons of hassles and paperwork.  Now since we’ve left Maryland we have never felt we needed a gun or threatened in any fashion and Spanish Wells is no exception.  No one here locks up anything; house, car, golf cart, dinghies etc.  But since our afternoon quest for ice cream took me by Five-0’s HQ I felt this would be the perfect opportunity to inquire about crime here.

Local Police HQ; located next to the "all age" school that overlooks the Atlantic

Local Police HQ; located next to the “all age” school that overlooks the Atlantic

The officer just laughed.  He said there is no crime here, he’s just a presence.  I did think that his awesome cruiser and the threatening nature of it might be the reason for all the “law abiding”.

The Po-Po's kickin' hooptie

The Po-Po’s kickin’ hooptie

Note the screamin’ red light on top for pulling over trouble makers.

After ice cream we took another walk on the beach; this is the north side of the island facing the Atlantic; tide was going out and the sand was pristine.

Spanish Wells beach

Spanish Wells beach

   Tomorrow we will take the fast ferry from Nassau to Dunmore town on Harbor Island.  This ferry scoots at 25+ knots around the “devil’s backbone” sometimes 50 yards from the beach to thread the needle through the shallow water across the bank.  Should be cool to ride the ferry and they say Dunmore is way interesting and a fun stop.  


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