Sampson and Delightful……


February 12, 2013 by Last Star blog

6 February

Sampson and Delightful…

Currently we are at Sampsons Cay.  It is another nice marina with too few patrons.  We arrived 2 days ago after a night out at Pipe Cay.  We needed some provisions and to do some laundry so we thought it would be an easy sail here and see what the place had to offer.  The marina facility is first class and the laundry machines were available so we jumped on those right away.  After two loads (and $16 for 2 wash/2 dry) we were feeling pretty good as laundry is a constant issue on board.  While we were waiting for the laundry to finish we talked to a nice couple; he was Scottish and she was American.  They had interesting stories about their cruising and Atlantic adventures.  In addition, a boat load of Bahamian officials arrived to do an “inspection” of the facility for marina cleanliness, fire codes, various compliance etc.  They were good for small talk too.  We bought a few needed items at the store and then back to the boat for lunch.  The young lady at the Marina said we could tour the grounds and do the walking trail if we wanted to so we’re always ready for a walk-about and time off the boat and a bit of exercise.

Sampson's Beach to the NE

Sampson’s Beach to the NE

The "Employee lounge"...

The “Employee lounge”…

Our lunch room

Our lunch room

Ahhh the good life

Ahhh the good life

Long walks...

Long walks…

After our walk-about we donned the wetsuits and again went snorkeling in search of the elusive spiny lobster.  We had no success but did have a nice dip in the water.  Maybe we should stick to fishing?

We were treated to two amazing sunsets while here at Sampsons.  We were hoping for a “Green Flash” as the conditions seemed just right–no luck.


At happy hour grab beverage of choice and squint slightly...this is our evenings.

At happy hour grab beverage of choice and squint slightly…this is our evenings.

We’re going to finish here by getting some more water; because we can and should never pass up water in the islands.


One thought on “Sampson and Delightful……

  1. BK says:

    Another day another cay .. pretty sweet.

    Hank .. if you (we?) were a barista, this would be your (our) story and website: .. full of pearls of wisdom like (samples proved to save bandwidth):

    “Instead of buying your kid rice-milk-hot-chocolate, just punch them in the back of the head & tell them life is full of disappointments.”

    “If you bring your dog into the cafe and it starts fighting with another dog, you can’t be that upset with me when I start taking bets.”

    No 122 !? Clearly intended for Grunt ..

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