Another fish story….


February 13, 2013 by Last Star blog

9 February

We ended up staying an additional day at Sampsons waiting for the “mail boat”.  Well the mail boat is an all encompassing term for a small inter-island freighter that comes from Nassau and brings food, drinks, packages and yes mail.  By contract certain out-islands are guaranteed the mail 3 times a month….you read that correctly 3 times.  Now the mail boat did NOT come to Sampsons, it goes to Staniel Cay and ALL the cruisers were holding at Majors Spot and Sampsons for food to arrive.  Well we figured let the workers from Sampsons go fight the masses and get their normal delivery and bring it to us.  Worked like a champ.  By 1000 AM I could see them off-loading boxes onto the dock.  We went ashore shortly after and got what we needed.  Fruit and Veg is always needed.  Right now we need yoghurt and don’t have any idea when we’ll see that again.  It was a breakfast staple with cereal and fruit as unlike milk it lasts longer because it has “already gone bad”.

After we got our food we found Salidago on the radio and worked out that we would find anchor near Pipe Cay again for the evening and then to Cambridge and back into the Park the next day.

We tried fishing all the way to Pipe and even did extra legs in front of the island to try and get a fish, the wind was next to zero and we were crawling at about 2 knots and had the “bonk-adonk” lure out and nothing at all.  This would be our last chance for a few days as no fishing in the Park.

We tried putting into the old DECCA station (early form of radio navigation for USN) but there was a trawler already at the abandoned dock and the Captain of this fine vessel was walking around the dock and on his boat “al fresco” as in no Speedo, no shorts, NO good!!! My eyes.  Leave that to the younger people.  As we generally have retinal burns from the sunsets and a futile attempt to see the “green flash” we moved on.  We spent the night on the SW corner of Pipe Cay and again no green flash.

The next day we went out to Cambridge, it was a short 50 minute motor ride as too curvy and channels to go by sail.  The tide was going out so we were in a hurry.  The water was so thin in spots I had Patricia out front shouting “go left, go right!”  We made it without losing any bottom paint off the keel.  Cambridge was pretty cool.  Robbie and Pauline knew of a location called the “aquarium” and it lived up to its name.

Welcome Stranger......

Welcome Stranger……

Have you seen Nemo?

Have you seen Nemo?


These are called "Sgt Majors" I'm told

These are called “Sgt Majors” I’m told

Bright colors

Bright colors

These guys are "creepier" than sharks....its the eye!!

These guys are “creepier” than sharks….its the eye!!


Another failed drug delivery from the '80s.  Leave the low-level night flying to the professionals please

Another failed drug delivery from the ’80s. Leave the low-level night flying to the professionals please


Short post today as the internet is getting harder and harder to come by and in many cases what the guides called “complimentary WiFi at the marina” has now become pay as you go.


4 thoughts on “Another fish story….

  1. Grunt says:

    I’m confused. Does yogurt “go good” or “go bad”. Either way it’s yogurt…

  2. ReneeP says:

    Wow! Those snorkeling photos are amazing! Better than we got at the GBR!! Looks like you are having fun! Did you take any photos of the guy sailing alfresco?? Miss you guys!

    • Renee,
      the snorkeling and water here are truly amazing. We keep running into people who are much more expereinced at this than us and they all say the Bahamas is the way to go for cruising and no need to go further….we are starting to see it that way too. No photos of the nekked man and trust us that was for the best. Maybe he was doing ALL his laundry? Thanks for dropping by, best to JC and Audrey.

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