Laundry day at Samson Cay, enjoy the view.


February 21, 2013 by Last Star blog

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(This was after Valentines and before the storm…it’s posted out of sequence, sorry. Please see disclaimer above!)


Great way to wait on laundry!

Great way to wait on laundry!

Today, I was doing some laundry up at a marina.  I was sitting under a portico on an Adirondack chair, with the crystal aquamarine waters lapping at the pilings, watching sharks and rays glide by.  The sun was low in the sky warming my back and the breeze was blowing across my skin.  I walked barefoot to and from the laundry hut on a mangrove lined path, and I thought:  This could be the most perfect moment of this day.

My quiet path to the laundry hut.

My quiet path to the laundry hut.

It was perfection.  I was alone with my thoughts and the sights. This doesn’t happen every day, but the view does, and I realized when this is over I am not sure how I will hang onto this…feeling of peacefulness.   The days are this way.  We wake up and joke it is another perfect day in paradise:  blue sky, cool breezes, azure seas and our boys healthy and happy in the world.  It is a glorious feeling.  There is the other side of where we are, the sometimes tug of the fear factor because in reality we are truly tethered to safety each night by a coil of rope and length of chain and the confidence of a Bruce anchor. There are good holdings and bad holdings, some friends came into our anchorage last night after dark because where they had been, their anchor was skipping and not holding. Every sailors nightmare is to start to drift in the dark with craggy limestone islands looking to mangle your keel and macerate your hull:  while you are sleeping in blissful ignorance.  There are some nights when the holding is great, the seas are calm and we lay in the salon to watch a movie on the big screen TV with great audio. We completely forget we are on a boat in the middle of nowhere with sharks under the keel!  It is like being in a condo, complete with cookies and milk during the show.  No popcorn: no microwave! It is all so surreal sometimes it is hard to grasp we are really here and really doing this. So, while we appreciate our landscape sometimes I wonder if it seems all the more precious and stunning because it is perilous as well.  We are not naive in this endeavor and we are overly cautious in our movements and choice of anchoring, and this journey is not for the faint of heart. However, the rewards are beyond our imaginations. If we could share one thing with you, it would be to find a little time for yourself and enjoy the view, where ever that may be.

My view...for today.

My view…for today.



One thought on “Laundry day at Samson Cay, enjoy the view.

  1. Teri says:

    Hey you two..Ross and Teri here…just spending the nite catching up with your awesome incredible adventure! So we are putting our house up for sale and ready to meet you for the rest of the journey! Seriously love this and will be prayn safe travels…beautiful pics and great stories for a lifetime….thanks for sharing. Ashton lives in Austin and we are in San Antonio …here for your son if need anything or just want us to give hug for you! Enjoy every crazy minute and cuasap! Love y’all! … adventure we are there!

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