It’s my birthday in Paradise!


March 2, 2013 by Last Star blog

Mr. Gibbs gives a birthday kiss..

Mr. Gibbs gives a birthday kiss..

What can I say, I am older but not old…yet.  The weird thing is I still feel 32 in my head, young and a little nuts.  However, the woman in the mirror is NOT 32 and she is beginning to resemble my mother, more and more, and me less and less. Well, the version of me that I see in my head until the mirror tells a different story.  Don’t get me wrong, I am happy to be able to hike for miles, swim, snorkel, get in & out of the dinghy ( a physical feat in itself from the water after snorkeling) and have the strength and ability required for maneuvering on the boat.  Functionally fit, as they say.  This was my first birthday in 23 years I have not had at least one of my boys with me.  One of the reasons Hank wanted to take this journey at this time was the overwhelming loss we had at the thought of an empty nest.  We don’t just love our boys, we really like the men they are and truly enjoy being around them.  We laugh and joke and share our views of the world with them.  So, here we are in a beautiful place and I am/was a bit melancholy for their smiles on my birthday. Hank tried very hard…no he didn’t just try he succeeded in making a few days celebration very very fun.  It was basically a three day adventure!  We were hanging out in Black Point with FREE and fairly consistent wifi–a real present! Cell coverage so I could actually talk with the boys, another present.  There is a bar called Scorpio’s we ended up hanging out for a few nights (sorry no pix, maybe next time we are there I will remember the camera in the village).  The days were filled with combing another pristine beach and exploring the village.


Black Point harbor

Black Point harbor

The first night we were there we did happy hour with Pauline & Rob and we had quite a few rum punches, conch fritters and fried fish. Pauline & I played pool with the local DJ (TJ the DJ, great guy), Pauline had some fancy moves. He was a bit of a pool shark but he threw us some help. It was a great night. 


Patricia flailing about at the pool table...

Patricia flailing about at the pool table…


Pauline showing off some serious moves...

Pauline showing off some serious moves…

The next night of birthday extravaganza found the four us back in Scorpios for dinner, hmn, conch and fried fish…seeing a trend? The food boat is late this week, so only what they catch is on the menu, FINE BY ME!  The night was full of food, drinks, and dancing to the eclectic tunes from TJ the DJ. I think he thought because we were old and white that ABBA was going to get us going. NOT!  TJ was kind of enough to play some Pit Bull for me: Mr.Worldwide, I love you!  I have no idea what time we left or what time we got back to the boat…but I love to dance.  Another great night.  On my actual birthday I had the day of “whatever I wanted” to do.  It began with French toasted coconut bread (a staple down here), eggs, fruit and coffee…and I didn’t lift a finger.  We spent most of the day roaming the beach and cliffs trying to overcome a wee bit of the whiskey(rum) flu. 


the martyr's march

the martyr’s march…it was Africa Hot walking in quick sand, but hey, it’s by birthday…


Rock view...shade finally.

Rock view…shade finally.

Hank had bought a few lobster tails from some locals and prepared a beautiful lobster dinner for me with our last bottle of good wine.


Spiny lobster on the grill!

Spiny lobster on the grill!

Dessert was over at Rob & Pauline’s.  She surprised me with a homemade carrot cake and champagne, then there was some serious card playing.  Rob had the gall to beat me, on my birthday!  I have to say, I felt 32 all over again.  It would have only been better if the boys had been with us so I could have truly embarrassed them by my Elaine-moves (Seinfeld) to Moves-like-Jagger!

Birthday Sunset

Birthday Sunset



2 thoughts on “It’s my birthday in Paradise!

  1. Monica and Jed says:

    Happy Birthday!!! wish we were there!

  2. Mark says:

    Happy birthday Patricia!!!!

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