Cambridge Cay, Land and Sea park

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March 4, 2013 by Last Star blog




We have stopped moving south at Black Point and are now moving around to revisit some areas we really loved and didn’t see everything the first time around…plus, we are hanging around waiting for Cole so a little limited as to how far away from Staniel Cay (the airport) we can go. After a birthday bash at Black Point we needed a little ‘rest’ so we traveled a bit north on the outside to go fish (no fish, those bastards) on our way back to Cambridge Cay in the park.  It’s the home of the sunken airplane and the aquarium.  This time we decided to visit the other end of the cay and explore it further.

The land & sea park was set up by the Bahamian National trust to manage/preserve/maintain these amazing and unique string of islands.  You are not allowed to fish, collect  shells, take or leave anything here.  As a consequence, the beaches are still littered with beautiful shells and sea fans and the cruisers haven’t set up any ‘sundowner’ paraphernalia such as benches and plastic beach toys.  On the south end of the cay is a beautiful half moon style bay/beach with a deep blue pool that is usually very calm and always super clear.

Our little water taxi...

Our little water taxi…

We beached our dinghy on this gorgeous beach  and we both swam a bit in the pool.  As you can see it is as clear as any back yard swimming pool.

Cooling off in the 'pool'

Cooling off in the ‘pool’'s

Hank…it’s COOOLLLDD…lol

Hank is always looking for a quick crossfit workout…whether it is a pull up here or there or a well done overhead squat. The results are obvious!  You go, boy!

Captain Crossfit

Captain Crossfit

There is a well marked beach path (about a half mile) to the cut side of this island, we followed the sandy  winding path through small palm trees  to find ourselves looking out over yet another pristine beach.

The beach path...

The beach path…

the other side!

the other side!

You must be getting tired of these pictures, but I can tell you, we never ever tire of the vista or ever take the view for granted.  I know they are limited.

Another pristine beach!

Another pristine beach!

As we were ready to make our way back after a nice walk and swim, we ran into one other couple on their walk and they were nice enough to take our photo.  We barely made it back for happy hour and the sunset.




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