Spring Break Bahamian Style


March 14, 2013 by Last Star blog

10 March

Cole’s visit….

So Cole is on spring break and we are lucky to have him come spend some more time with us.  His trip started in Austin on Saturday morning (had a bad cold the week before so travel was off to a rocky start) with the first night in Orlando with his brother Alek who was kind enough to host him for the evening.  Alek had a cold that week too–don’t miss those joys of winter at all.  So Sunday morning Cole is at the airport (on time even with the onset of Daylight Savings Time) and the nice clerk at Spirit Air says he has no ticket to Ft Lauderdale!!  He calls us, we have no answer except that we thought that we had ticket(s) for him but when you hit “buy” here on the internet in the Bahamas you never know if your click went through or timed out.  We sort it out on the phone, he gets on the airplane to Lauderdale to get on a “Watermakers Air” flight to Staniel Cay to see us.  Flight accommodates 6 passengers, oh and their luggage and in our case 4 cases of cat food travelling with Cole now–not cheap.

Airport Arrival at Staniel Cay

Airport Arrival at Staniel Cay

We got Cole’s luggage and cat food to the boat and then back to the Staniel Cay Yacht Club for dinner.  Standard Conch burgers and grouper burgers with Kalik or Sands beer.  We wanted to get him acclimated ASAP to Exuma livin’.

Dinner with "Mr Gibbs"

Dinner with “Mr Gibbs”

Waitin' for Grouper Sandwiches

Waitin’ for Grouper Sandwiches

Note how well Mr. Gibbs mutton chops are filled in now….very nice.

Well as usual we forgot to leave the boat with a flash light so going back to Last Star at 9:30 in the dark was a challenge but we managed to find it and not go marving off into the Atlantic in the middle of the night.  Cole thought we were a bit nuts but we can in fact recognize our boat in the dark.  Now the anchorage at Staniel was a bit unusual that day.  We had “Oronoco” an ’88 Irwin same as ours just a year older.  This boat was registered in Germany with the German flag at the stern and a guy named Hans as crew and a skipper that spoke nearly no english.  They were having some real challenges with the whole cruising thing.

Sister boat to ours...

Sister boat to ours…

In addition, this little boat was right next to us, about 24 feet I’d guesstimate–smallest cruiser we’ve seen here so far.

Tiny tiny boat....

Tiny tiny boat….

So the next morning we got up to hot rations of eggs and French Toast with Bahamian Coconut bread–a real treat, then we went diving in the Thunderball Grotto.  The tide and current were both running strong due to the Neap Tide and new moon.  Cole enjoyed himself and saw a few fish in the grotto.

Thunderball Grotto

Thunderball Grotto

low low low low 'Lo

low low low low ‘Lo

Then we decided to let the wind push us north and headed to the Exuma Park.  This brought us near the “DECCA station” and Cole wanted to see it after we spent 5 days there weathering that storm in mid-February.  He got to see the flats to the East at low tide



Found one!!

Found one!!

where Patricia found a nickerbean in about 3 minutes, the bulkhead where we created the intricate web of safety lines

With Cole on blukhead

With Cole on bulkhead

and also tour the old living area.  In our absence someone left the shell mosaics crafted by someone who was passing some time.  030.  We had a nice lunch and still had time to get to the Cambridge moorings  by mid-afternoon.  As the wind was blowing Cole wanted to do a bit of windsurfing and we hauled everything to shore for a go.

more wind please.....bit better away from beach

more wind please…..bit better away from beach

While Cole was windsurfing I waited in the dinghy and Patricia brought me a “hamburger” bean

hiding from the sun with my "hamburger bean"

hiding from the sun with my “hamburger bean”

to go with our nickerbean that she found at Pipe Cay.  Two beans in one day!!

Cole finished the day with a bit of snorkeling around the boat and then happy hour and snacks–a standard “cruising day” and I think it was just what was needed to decompress after mid-terms.

One more dip....

One more dip….


One thought on “Spring Break Bahamian Style

  1. Hap and Anna says:

    Looking good! Best spring break EVER : ) We send you our love and best wishes. Enjoy your time together.

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